The Carr Fire

The Carr fire burning in Redding in Northern California is now one of the largest, most destructive wildfires in California, and in United States history. Six people have died and the Carr fire is still burning in Shasta and Trinity counties in Northern California. The fire has burned across the two counties, causing widespread devastation and, at last count, was only around 50 percent contained. The Carr fire has destroyed more than 1,300 structures so far, including hundreds of homes, and is estimated to threaten another 10,000 structure according to a CBS news estimate. The final damage toll is expected to exceed $1.5 billion as a result of the Carr fire alone, not to mention the other wildfires that are currently burning across the entire Golden State, which could result in total estimated losses of $10-$12 billion statewide. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is likely to be additional destruction until the fires are finally 100 percent contained. (The Carr fire was only 50 percent contained as of recent estimates and had already burned more than 160,000 acres.) A worry for many homeowners in the affected areas is, once they are allowed to return to their homes, not only how they pick up the pieces of their lives, but how they will rebuild. More importantly, the question in the minds of many is where they will get the money to rebuild. Many Carr fire victims likely are wondering if their homeowners insurance will cover their Carr fire losses and, if so, how much of those losses will be covered. A related question is whether Carr fire insurance claims may be denied or delayed by insurers seeking to avoid having to pay for damage cause by the Carr fire.

Will Insurance Cover My Damage from the Carr Fire?

Thankfully for many of those affected by the Carr fire, homeowners insurance coverage typically will cover at least a portion, if not all, of a policyholder’s losses suffered as a result of a peril like a wildfire. According to the insurance industry, fire-related claims are among the most expensive types of insurance claims, averaging $50,000 per claim according to industry trade group the Insurance Industry Association. Homeowners insurance policies typically protect against damage caused by perils such as fire. However, sometimes the coverage is either limited by geographical area or the policy may contain exclusions that would specifically exclude certain types of damages or will only cover a portion of your damages depending on a number of factors which may be unique to your particular situation or insurance policy. However, most policies will cover additional living expenses that are forced to be incurred by the policyholder due to a natural disaster like a fire, including the costs of housing, extra food, relocation and other expenses. However, the limits of your insurance coverage may not add up to the total amount of your damages suffered as a result of the destruction caused by the Carr fire. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced advocate on your side when you are dealing with your insurer for any damages suffered as a result of the Carr fire.

If You Have Experienced Losses as a Result of the Carr Fire, Contact the Experienced California Wildfire Insurance Claims Attorneys at JT Legal Group

At JT Legal Group, our experienced wildfire insurance claims lawyers can assist you if your Carr fire insurance claim is denied or you are concerned about whether your homeowners insurance will cover your damages suffered in the Carr fire or another one of the many wildfires currently raging in California. Our experienced California fire damage attorneys can assist in resolving any number of legal problems related to damage which has occurred as a result of fire, including damage to your home, business, or other structure. While you are busy putting your life back together, our experienced attorneys will go to work for you and do the heavy lifting to assist you by dealing with your insurer.


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