The Los Angeles area's trusted choice for foreclosure defense, personal injury representation, and real estate litigation.

If you need foreclosure assistance, justice in a personal injury matter, or help with any area of real estate law, JT Legal Group is ready to be your tireless advocate.

We take our work personally. That’s because the areas of law JT Legal Group focuses on have a direct effect on individuals’ and families’ everyday lives. On any given day, we’re aggressively battling lenders to keep a family from being foreclosed upon. Every day, we fight for the rights and proper compensation of people who have been injured in accidents. And when it comes to navigating real estate law in California, JT Legal Group's years of stellar legal work speaks for itself.

You are not just another client. You deserve legal representation that genuinely has your best interests at heart. Give us a call or drop by for a visit, and you’ll see that our friendly and professional staff carries out exactly that standard of client care, day in and day out.

We have helped clients achieve successful resolutions to their foreclosure issues since the beginning of the latest economic and housing crisis.

Whether stopping a sale date, aggressively negotiating with lenders, or litigating to provide injunctive relief and relocation funds -- the bottom line is that JT Legal Group has helped hundreds of clients resolve their foreclosure troubles. We take enormous pride in being an experienced foreclosure defense law firm in all of California. The hundreds of clients we've helped aren't just a statistic to us -- they're real people who we're thrilled to have helped during their most trying time.

JT Legal Group relishes the ability to make lenders face the consequences of their often unscrupulous actions. Too often, homeowners believe they have no recourse, or feel lost in a sea of scams and questionable offers to halt a foreclosure. Our firm is here for homeowners facing foreclosure, regardless of their unique circumstances.

JT Legal Group has stood up to nearly every major lender, trustee, or servicer and successfully initiated litigation against them, including:

  • American Home MTG SVCG, Inc.
  • America's SVCG CO (ASC)
  • AMS Servicing LLC
  • Aurora - Nationstar
  • Bank of America
  • Bayview Loan
  • Beneficial Financial
  • BSI Financial Services
  • CA Housing Finance
  • Caliber Home Loans
  • Capital One
  • Carrington MTG SVCS
  • Central Mortgage Bank
  • Champion Mortgage
  • Chase
  • Citigroup (CitiMortgage)
  • Crawford Investment
  • Dovenmuehle Mortgage
  • Everbank
  • Everhome MTG
  • Fay Servicing
  • Financial Freedom Reverse Mortgage
  • Flagstar
  • GMAC
  • Green Tree
  • Guild Mortgage
  • Household Finance Corp
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Kinecta FCU
  • Midfirst Bank
  • Nationstar Mortgage
  • One West Bank (INDYMAC)
  • PennyMac
  • PNC Bank
  • Provident Funding
  • Residential Credit Solutions
  • Resurgent Cap SVCS
  • Rushmore Loan Management Services
  • Select Portfolio SVCG (SPS)
  • Seterus Specialized Loan SVCG LLC (SLS)
  • Suntrust MTG Inc
  • US Bank
  • Wachovia
  • Wells Fargo
  • ...and many other HOAs and private lenders.

Professional, experienced, meticulous attorneys with years of experience in foreclosure litigation are waiting to take your call right now to advocate on your behalf against your lender. Call now: 1-888-LAW-3111

For years, JT Legal Group has been litigating real estate cases in California courts in a wide variety of legal areas. We've represented clients in matters of foreclosure defense, eviction defense, property damage, estate planning, and much more. In that time, we've achieved settlements, solved property problems, and won clients the justice they deserved. Notably, JT Legal Group has been among the most active firms in the state when it comes to litigating based on the California Homeowner Bill of Rights (2013). Have questions about whether JT Legal Group can help you with your property law matter? Call now: 1-888-LAW-3111
Meticulous guidance through all scenarios involving wills and trusts. Yes, we can expertly craft or amend a unique will or trust to meet your exact needs. And make no mistake, our attorneys are up to date on the very latest knowledge involving estate planning law. But those aren't the only services we can provide. JT Legal Group has a wealth of experience advocating for beneficiaries of an estate who feel like they're not fairly receiving the assets they were intended to receive. Additionally, we provide the extremely important service of counseling trustees, who are shouldered with enormous fiduciary responsibility under California law that can result in very serious consequences if their actions are not compliant with state guidelines. Call now: 1-888-LAW-3111
Yes. A quick search of the California State Bar website shows that our attorneys are in excellent standing with the Bar. JT Legal Group is proud to employ attorneys who not only have demonstrated the highest level of professional excellence, but who also realize that the areas of law we practice have a real impact on individuals and families. Upon resolution of their legal needs, clients frequently remark not only on the legal work that they received, but the friendly and approachable nature of our attorneys. Client care isn't an afterthought at JT Legal Group -- it's one of our main focuses. Call now: 1- 888-529-3111


Jack Ter-Saakyan, Esq. Jack Ter-Saakyan, Esq. Senior Attorney

Jack Ter-Saakyan has been a member of the California State Bar since 2009. Mr. Ter-Saakyan strives to provide each client with an ...

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Michael Avanesian specializes in the field of corporate restructuring and litigation. Mr. Avanesian has a wide range of experi...

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Blanca Silva Blanca Silva Paralegal

Blanca Silva has been a trusted Legal Assistant for JT Legal Group for over three years. She works closely with our attorneys.

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Luis is a Lawyer and a Public Notary in El Salvador since 2006 and 2007, who currently works as a Paralegal in the United States.

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Arpi Nazaryan is the Accounting Manager at JT Legal Group, and handles all aspects of financial matters as well as office logistic...

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Lisa Cabrera is a Client Care Representative for JT Legal Group. That makes her the first point of contact for new clients.

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Jackie Karapetyan is JT Legal Group's Intake Manager, and a current Juris Doctorate student. Jackie has over a decade working with...

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Martha Castellanos is the Accounting Assistant at JT Legal Group, APC. She is responsible for providing support to the accounting ...

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