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We take our work personally. That’s because the areas of law JT Legal Group focuses on have a direct effect on individuals’ and families’ everyday lives. Every day, we fight for the rights and proper compensation of people who have been injured in accidents. When it comes to navigating personal injury law in California, JT Legal Group’s years of stellar legal work speaks for itself.

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When you’ve been injured in an accident, you know that it can only take seconds for your life to change forever. A vehicle accident or other negligent event can cause you long-term physical injuries, pain, stress, property damage, lost wages for time taken off work to recuperate, and thousands in medical bills.

About JT Legal Group

At JT Legal Group, our California personal injury lawyers understand that one accident can create physical, mental, emotional, and financial problems for years to come.

The injuries you suffer may result in permanent physical limitations that prevent you from returning to work, performing routine daily tasks like household chores and enjoying time with your friends and family.

To make matters even worse, accident-related medical bills coupled with the inability to work can deplete your finances and threaten your family’s future.

Our Practice Areas

Our experienced California personal injury lawyers specialize in negligent acts and have the knowledge and expertise to help you get your life back fast if you’ve experienced any of the following:

Bicycle Accident

Bus Accident

Car Accident

Uber & Lyft Accident

Construction Accident

Brain Injury

RV Accident

Van Accident

Taxi Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Other Negligent Events

Catastrophic Accident

Bird Scooter Accident

Transportation Accident

Wrongful Accident

Premises Liablity

We Fight For You

Our personal injury lawyers understand that one accident can have a snowball effect that threatens every aspect of your life. That’s why we have dedicated our practice to helping victims of accidents in Los Angeles and throughout California recover the compensation they need to get their life back as quickly as possible and protect their financial future.

Whether you have been injured in an accident involving a car, motorcycle, commercial truck, or have suffered from another negligent event, our compassionate and zealous personal injury attorneys will fight hard to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and that you receive just compensation for the injuries you suffered.

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Our experienced California personal injury lawyers specialize in negligent acts and have the knowledge and expertise to help you get your life back fast if you’ve experienced any of the following:

If you’ve suffered injuries in an accident, California law gives you the right to recover money for your medical bills, the time you needed to take off work, your pain and suffering, and other types of compensation. With JT Legal Group, our attorneys aggressively pursue as much money as possible for all accident-related expenses. Throughout your case one of our dedicated personal injury lawyers will be right by your side negotiating with insurance companies, helping you get your vehicle repaired, and answering your questions every step of the way. 

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