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From auto accidents to negligence, through complex industrial accidents, JT Legal Group can help you get justice for your injury in California.

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We only represent victims of road accidents, industrial accidents, and a range of negligence cases in California. We’re not jacks-of-all-trades, and we never represent insurance companies.

As Unique as your injury

As every injury is unique, so is relevant case law and the process towards the highest compensation. For almost any injury you suffered, we have narrow expertise and resources to lead you to victory.

Caring, Compassionate

Every injury attorney in California will claim they ‘go the extra mile’ or ‘really listen.’ We don’t make claims – we WIN claims for our clients, and let them speak their mind afterwards.

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Types of Damages, and what legal
representation can do for you

Besides physical harm, injuries lead to a whole host of sneaky, hard to quantify detriments to a victim’s quality of life. An experienced accident and injury attorney will find ways for you to get compensation, justice and closure for all of these.

Physical Injuries

Severe cuts and bruises, disfigurement, impaired mobility, spinal damage, or brain injuries can permanently worsen a victim’s quality of life.

Professional legal representation in California can at least recover medical expenses and damages in compensation – and provide closure.

Economic Losses

Lost wages, reduced productivity, and long-term career impairment are all too common consequences of injury

A properly filed claim with the State of California can make the perpetrator answer for these damages, as well as immediate medical conditions and expenses.

Emotional Distress

Less obvious than physical harm, but no less serious, emotional damages like trauma or anxiety can be an incredible detriment to life quality.

It’s important to conduct thorough investigations and collect expert reports to assess the extent of distress. We have the resources to hire the best experts in California and prove your emotional distress in court, or private settlements.

Loss of lifes pleasures

Injuries can result in the deterioration of personal relationships, loss of consortium with a significant one, or the loss of enjoyment out of life.

An experienced injury and accident lawyer can navigate the laws of California and get compensation for these insidious types of damages, with expert reports, detailed collection of evidence, and targeted interviews.

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