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Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? Are you looking for Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys? If so, you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. Your entire family may suffer because of your accident, but through a personal injury claim, you may recover compensation to help with the financial challenges the accident has caused.

Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

A motorcycle accident injury attorney can help you pursue a claim for damages from the liable party. You may have mounting medical bills and you might not be able to work and earn your regular paycheck.

This can put your family in a financial bind, but you do have legal rights. Let one of our attorneys help you regain control of the situation. Our Law Firm has 35+ years of experience dealing with personal injury and motor accidents.

Your family shouldn’t have to suffer financially because you were in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence. Help is available, and we will aggressively pursue your claim and fight for your best interests. Our goal is to make sure your needs are properly addressed and that you are treated fairly throughout the claims process.

California Motorcycle Crash Rates are Increasing

The California State Department of Motor Vehicles reports that 15.1 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in the state during 2016 involved motorcyclists. There were 566 motorcyclists killed in California crashes during 2016, which was up from 494 fatalities the year before.

The national statistics show that motorcycle fatalities are 28 times higher than those involving motor vehicles.

The number of motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled since 1997, and awareness campaigns encouraging drivers to look twice for motorcycles are underway nationwide.

Many of these accidents involve drivers who say they just didn’t see the bike in time. More motorcycle riders are working to be visible by wearing fluorescent gear and equipping bikes with more lights and reflectors. If you, or a loved one, has been involved in a bike crash that caused serious injuries, you should consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Infograph on Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Common Damages from Motorbike Crashes

There are dozens of different injuries that can result from a motorcycle crash, but unfortunately, the injuries are serious, and the life of the rider is changed forever. A motorcycle is much smaller than a passenger car, big truck, or a bus. There have been reports of larger vehicles hitting bikes and the driver not even realizing there was an accident until much later.

Common injuries from motorcycle accidents include road rash, broken bones, and even more severe injuries such as back or spinal cord injuries, lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations. Permanent scarring and disfigurement could result, and you may find yourself with long-term or permanent disabilities. Don’t face off against the insurance company and their legal team alone.

When you file a personal injury claim against the liable party after a motorcycle crash, you will want to make sure you ask to be compensated for all your damages. Some of the more common damages we as Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys could help you claim after such an accident include:

•    Medical expenses – past and future

•    Pain and suffering

•    Loss of enjoyment of life

•    Mental anguish

•    Lost wages – past and future

•    Property damages

•    Loss of consortium

•    Permanent scarring and disfigurement

Evidence and Documentation to Support Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you will need to maintain evidence and supporting documentation to prove your damages. You should keep medical bills, medical records, repair estimates, photos of the accident scene and of the damages, witness statements, the accident report, and proof of missed work and lost wages.

The more documentation that you have to support your claim, the more likely you are to have a successful claim. Your accident injury attorney will gather supporting documentation and build your case proving that negligence was the cause of your accident and that your damages were a direct result of that accident.

If a motorcycle crash left you with injuries, you don’t have to suffer through it alone. We will provide caring, compassionate representation while making sure you have access to the medical care you need so you can recover from your injuries. Call us today to speak with a caring, compassionate accident injury attorney who will look out for your best interests after a California bike crash.

What To Do When You’re in a Motorcycle Accident

When you get into a motorcycle accident, there are five things that we recommend you do immediately to increase the chances of securing your motorcycle accident claim.

1. Get to a safe place

After an accident, the first thing you should do is analyze your surroundings. Did the accident happen in the middle of a busy road or by the side of a road? Have you sustained any injuries? Try to remove yourself from harm’s way by moving away from the road and out of traffic. Check to see how the other person is doing. Are they injured? Do your best to get them immediate medical treatment if they need it.

2. Keep your protective gear on

Most times after an accident, your body may still be in shock and the adrenaline may be high. This may prevent your nerves from sensing any pain from the injuries you may have sustained. Wait for the paramedics to arrive before you remove your gear such as the helmet in order to avoid worsening your injuries.

3. Dial 911

After carrying out the above two steps, call 911 and inform the police that an accident has occurred. Depending on the severity of the accident, they may send paramedics to you.

4. Collect the evidence

As you wait for the police to get there, take pictures of the accident scene with your phone or write notes if possible. Ensure that you also get your copy of the police report. These pieces of evidence will be very helpful when filing for a compensation claim with insurance companies.

5. Call your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer

The sooner you speak with your personal injury attorney after the accident, the better. The lawyer will help you start the process of obtaining your insurance settlement early. JT Legal Group is here for you and can provide a free consultation and help you build the best case possible.

Items You’ll Need to Build a Strong Case if You’re In a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident occurs, chances are high that it will be your word against the other party’s when it comes to proving who was in the wrong. Below are four things that will help you build a strong case and obtain an insurance settlement successfully.


After the accident occurs, collect the contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. If you believe that the other party was the cause of the accident and there is someone present who can confirm it too, take their contact because their word could prove helpful in court.

Driver’s license

Driving a motorcycle without a driving license or with an invalid license can really hurt your case in terms of obtaining the insurance settlement. The presence of a driver’s license will prove that you are a responsible driver and will increase your chances of getting the settlement.


A helmet will increase your chances of surviving the accident and live long enough to claim compensation from the insurance company.

Proof of sobriety

If you get into a motorcycle accident while drunk, the insurance company may reject your claim for compensation after an accident. As such, avoid riding your motorcycle while drunk.

Factors to Consider for Motorcycle Accident Case Compensation

A motorcycle accident can ruin the life of the victim in so many ways other than death. Sometimes, motorcycle accident victims are left with lifelong disabilities that render them incapable of accomplishing daily duties like working or showing up to school.

Fair compensation may not bring a loved one back to life or return the victim back to the original state of health but it will surely provide the victim and their family a new starting point for their lives.

The monetary compensation that you will get after a motorcycle accident will not just cover the expenses. A fair compensation should cover the following issues too:

•    Emergency medical services

•    Legal fees

•    Court fees

•    Lost productivity of work

•    Effect on the quality of the victim’s life

The process of uncovering the main cause of a motorcycle accident is definitely no easy task but there are experts who are skilled in helping the victims obtain their rightful compensation.

If the accident results in substantial loss, it is very important to determine which party was at fault during the accident. This is why we recommend that you consult with a personal injury lawyer who is skilled and familiar with the state and federal laws of motorcycle accidents to ensure you get fair recompense.

Here are some factors that could significantly affect the compensation you receive from a motorcycle accident claim:

Driving With an Invalid License

Driving a motorcycle with an invalid license or with no license at all is illegal and will have negative effects on your accident case. Although most people assume that if one party in an accident did not have a valid license then they are wholly responsible for the accident, motorcycle accident lawyers could prove that the party with a valid license may have been driving in a careless manner that could have caused the accident.

Nevertheless, driving lawsuits are complicated especially with an invalid license, so ensure that you ride your motorcycle with a valid license at all times.

Presence of a Helmet

Driving your motorcycle with a helmet will not only protect you from a catastrophic injury involving head injuries, but it may also help you win your case because it proves that you are a responsible motorcyclist.

Helmets have saved millions of motorcyclists and passengers all over the world. Moreover, it is illegal to drive a motorcycle without a helmet in all the states of America. If you get involved in an accident without a helmet, we suggest that you get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Drunk Driving

We probably do not need to mention this, but driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in almost every nation. In the State of California, the government now holds commercial servers of alcoholic beverages liable for accidents caused as a result of drunk driving.

This means that if you get into a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles and the other party is under the influence of alcohol, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help argue your case by placing the liability on the liquor store, thereby augmenting the legal seriousness of your accident claim.

History of Driving Violation

Another factor that may have a negative influence on your accident claim is if you have a track record of violating traffic or driving laws, such as driving a defective motorcycle. The court may assume that you were also at fault in the current motorcycle accident, and your best bet for winning the accident claim would be to lawyer up immediately.

Motorcycle accident cases may be complicated at times, and we recommend that you know or get in touch with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer who can help you out in the event of an accident.

As you recover, you get support and timely updates at every step of the way, as we fight to recover what’s yours.

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