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Scooters are a form of transportation in which the vehicle is a large and bulky, two-wheeled scooter that generally reaches up to 15 mph – a relatively high speed for sidewalks. Though the scooter may be inexpensive compared to a car, the scooter’s strict use on sidewalks causes many accidents. In fact, the situation has escalated so quickly that some cities have enforced regulations and laws governing how people ride these Scooters on sidewalks.

Bird Scooter Accident Lawyers

Scooters have quickly gained popularity as a primary mode of transportation for many people across the country, especially among the younger generations in Los Angeles, California. People hoping to enjoy the sunny weather in California seem to enjoy using scooters to move around.

Unfortunately, due to reckless driving, the number of scooter accidents has been on the rise, causing severe scooter injuries such as broken bones, brain injury, and other such serious injuries to the scooter riders and other pedestrians on the road that could quickly send them to the emergency room. As roads become more jammed with traffic, scooter rideshare companies like Lime, Bird, Uber, and Lyft are growing by providing people with a less stressful means of transport.

However, as you enjoy riding your motorized scooter around, ensure that you obey all traffic rules to avoid getting into an accident with a motor vehicle, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or any other motorist and surroundings that may be on the road. In case you or a loved one get injured while riding a scooter, we highly recommend that you contact a scooter accident lawyer immediately.

The lawyer will advise you on the right course of action to take e.g. contact insurance companies, especially if the accident involves you and another vehicle, such as an uber.

Besides obeying traffic laws, how will you ensure that you remain safe while riding a bird scooter? Below are some helpful tips that will help protect you while you are on the road:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a scooter
  • Watch out for pedestrians
  • Avoid weaving in and out of traffic
  • Ensure that you stay out of car blind spots while on the road
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

Scooter accident statistics

The popularity of scooters has increased steadily since 2017. However, between 2014 and 2018, the number of scooter injuries resulting from an electric scooter and other types of bird scooters in the United States, increased by a staggering 222 percent. This report by EurekaAlert means that the total number of scooter injuries between 2014 and 2018 was more than 39000.

Another study carried out by CDC showed that for every 100,000 electric scooter rides, 20 people will end up with injuries in an electric scooter accident. A sample of the electric scooter riders was surveyed, and the following findings were highlighted:

  • 33 percent of the injured were riding the scooter for the first time
  • 48 percent of the injured people were between the ages of 18 and 29
  • 38 percent of the injured individuals said that they would ride the electric scooter again
  • Most of the injuries occurred between the time frame of 6 pm and 6 a.m.
  • About half of all the injured people sustained serious injuries after the accident

In 2018, a research related to electric scooters was carried out in 9 California Trauma Centers, for a period of 1 year (January to December).

It was discovered that 87 patients needed trauma surgeon care after the accident. The mean age of the patients was 35 years, out of which 71 percent were male and 29 percent were female. Out of these numbers, 17.2 percent of the patients needed urgent ICU care, and 1.1 percent of the patients passed away.

The above statistics indicate that scooter accidents should not be taken lightly, and that all scooter riders should have access to a scooter accident attorney.

Scooter Accident Statistics

What to do when you’re in a scooter accident

You are riding your scooter somewhere in Los Angeles, California when you suddenly get into an electric scooter accident. What do you do next?

Step 1

If the accident involved an uber, lime, or lyft, check for any injuries that you, other passengers, or pedestrians may have sustained. If you feel any pain in your neck, back, or head, try to remain as still as possible and call 911.

Step 2

In some cases, you may not have any visible injuries. However, we recommend that you still seek medical attention because you could be having internal injuries. The effects may show up several days after the accident.

Step 3

When you realize that you do not have any serious injuries, call law enforcement so that they can come and take your statement. Make sure that you provide accurate details in the statement because insurance firms may use it to deny your claim if the information provided is inconsistent or untrue.

If you are not sure about some aspects of the accident, just tell the police the truth. Do not make things up.

Step 4

Take pictures of the accident scene. The pictures will help prove your case with insurance firms and ensure that you receive fair compensation for any damage done to your scooter.

Ensure that you capture all the parts where the scooter has been damaged in the pictures. If you have sustained any physical injuries, take pictures of your injuries too.

In case you are in too much pain, ask one of the witnesses to take your picture.

Step 5

Move to a safe place away from the road. After you have taken enough pictures, move your scooter out of the road to a safe location away from the rest of the traffic.

Step 6

Note down important details at the scene of the accident. Make sure that you get the name of the driver and the insurance details of the vehicle, if the accident involved your scooter and another vehicle.

We also recommend that you write down or take a picture of the number plate registration of the vehicle.

Additionally, collect the name and contact information of at least one witness at the accident scene, especially one that saw the whole accident. Their testimony will play a major role at ensuring you get full compensation for damages by insurance companies.

Step 7

Call a scooter accident lawyer. Depending on the nature, circumstances, and scenario of the accident, the lawyer will advise you on the best legal action to take next.

Some of the possible scenarios of a scooter accident include:

When the scooter hits a vehicle

If you were riding the scooter then you swerved carelessly on the road and collided with another vehicle, then you are at fault. This means that you will have to pay damages for any injuries or destruction caused by the accident.

When the scooter hits a pedestrian

Likewise, if you were riding your scooter sloppily and you hit a pedestrian, you will have to take full responsibility for the accident. The law will require you to pay damages for any injuries that the pedestrian will sustain.

When a vehicle hits your scooter

In such a scenario, if another vehicle hits you while you were obeying all the traffic laws, then the driver of the vehicle or their insurance company must compensate you. Similar to the steps you would need to take if involved in a car accident, you will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your options. Free case evaluations are always available here at JT Legal.

Items you’ll need to build a strong case if you’re in a scooter accident

In the event of a scooter accident, there are certain items that you will need in order to build a strong case for your compensation. We had mentioned most of this items above, so here is the list:


You will need to prove that the accident occurred and you sustained serious injuries, or your property was destroyed. After an accident, take as many photos of the accident scene as possible.

Your smartphone should be enough to help you capture as much evidence as possible.

Police report

In order for any insurance company to pay damages to a victim after an accident, a police report needs to be present. So, ensure that you call the police after the accident so that you can file a report about the accident and the extent of damage your scooter or any other property may have suffered.

Avoid lying or filing an unclear statement with the police, because this may hurt your insurance claim.

Details about the witnesses

When it comes to insurance claims, having people to back up your story can be very helpful. If the other driver was clearly not obeying the traffic rules and caused the accident, ensure that you collect the contact details of any witness that can attest to it.

Details about the driver

In case the accident involved your scooter and another vehicle, note down details about the driver and the vehicle. This includes the name of the driver, their driving license, the registration plate of the vehicle, and the insurance company details of the driver.

If possible, take a clear photo of the driver as well as their driver’s license and license plate. These details will prove to the insurance company that one of their own clients caused the accident.

Factors to consider for scooter accident case compensation

After the scooter accident, the insurance company or a judge will consider several factors to determine the amount of compensation you will receive. Some of the common factors that affect compensation include:

Medical expenses

All the costs incurred when seeking medical attention after the accident are considered. This includes all medical-related costs such as cost of treatment, surgery, and any other follow-up visits to the doctor and following medical bills.

Lost wages

The money you lose from work or missed opportunities because of the accident is factored into the calculation of the compensation.

Emotional distress

If the accident causes mental trauma and emotional distress to you, the insurance company or the court will compensate you for it. Since emotional distress is difficult to prove, we recommend that you visit a licensed mental health professional. Their report on your mental health condition will help you to be compensated for emotional distress.

Damage of property

Any damage caused to your property e.g. your scooter, is considered and factored into the amount of compensation that you will receive.

Do you have access to an experienced scooter accident lawyer? JT Legal Group has expert scooter accident attorneys who are willing and ready to any questions that you may have about a scooter accident. Call us today for enquiries, consultations, or representation.

Pursuing Justice for Scooter Accident Victims

Bird Scooters is a form of transportation in which the vehicle is a large and bulky, two-wheeled scooter that reaches up to 15 mph – a relatively high speed for sidewalks. Though a Bird Scooter may be inexpensive compared to a car, the scooter’s strict use on sidewalks causes many accidents. In fact, the situation has escalated so quickly that some cities have enforced regulations and laws governing how people ride these Bird Scooters on sidewalks.

Scooter Accident Attorneys

Below, you’ll find a few examples of diverse types of scooter accidents that may prompt you to call for a scooter accident attorney. Some are passive, while others precede as active and result in negligence on the part of the operator.

Defects and Liable Parties

In some cases, scooter drivers may become injured due to a mechanical defect within the scooter itself. The underlying problem may concern a loose wheel, a motor malfunction, or other mechanical difficulties. At the point of realization, the Bird Scooter victim can consult with a Scooter accident attorney to potentially pursue legal action against liable parties such as:

•    The manufacturer
•    Distributors
•    Sellers
•    Retailers

Rider Negligence

Unfortunately, rider negligence has occurred countless times in a variety of major cities across the country. Such is a scenario where a scooter rider fails to adhere to the rules of the sidewalk and causes injury to nearby children and/or adults.

Those who were injured can pursue legal action by retaining a scooter attorney, thus holding the rider responsible for their negligence. In some cases, the rental agencies who distribute these rentals may be held accountable as well. The Efficiency of your claim depends on the injuries sustained. The situation as to how it happened, as well as the willingness of your accident attorney in order to defend your rights.

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Rental Agency Negligence

Sometimes, someone who shouldn’t even be allowed to rent one of these scooters is able to rent one. If they cause injury to someone else, you could likely sue both the rider AND the rental agency who caused the accident. If the accident was caused by a malfunction on the scooter itself, additionally you could look for compensation from the manufacturer of the Scooter itself or the manufacturer of the part that malfunctioned.

Scooter Accident Consultations

Contacting a lawyer is the LAST thing anyone wants to do. It can feel like you’re doing something wrong at first, as if “mistakes happen” and you should be forgiving of that. In most cases, this might be true, but in legal matters, this couldn’t be further from the truth! If someone’s negligence causes you bodily and psychological harm, then it’s time to Get on the Phone to a personal injury attorney. They can help you in ways that you never dreamed possible, from making sure that you know someone is working on your case to ensuring that you get what you need to recover properly from your injury.

THE Scooter Accident Law Firm

Many who are injured in these accidents are often unaware of their rights, nor what legal options are available to them. For those who were injured by the negligence of a scooter driver, or the scooter itself, contact our firm immediately. Here, our scooter attorneys will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as assist you with your unique case. Our legal team is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and we can advise you on starting your injury claim right away.

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