Injured Due to Someone Else's Negligence?

Other Negligent Events

We believe that when victims suffer damages at the negligence of others, they deserve the right to Seek Proper Justice. Our firm will help you do that!

Defending Victims of Negligent Events

Negligence causes harm, injury, and even death to people every day. There are many causes of negligent injury that can have devastating results, but regardless of the cause, an individual or institution has a legal responsibility to redeem themselves for their negligence. Here are a few types of negligent injury, causes, and suggestions on how to proceed.

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Types of Personal Injury and Negligence

There are many different causes for a careless injury due to the negligent actions of others. For instance, in Big-Rig cases, the Big-Rig commercial truck driver can be found at fault. Often times, the driver’s employer has a legal responsibility for allowing that driver to be on the road. Automobile drivers working for companies have a responsibility to hold high standards while representing their employer.

Understanding Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice are another form of personal injury lawsuits. Due to medical negligence, a person can sustain a brain or spinal cord injury which can result in loss of employment, and a complete life-changing experience. Wrongful death is another type of medical malpractice that can result from negligence in a medical facility. Perhaps a patient was given the wrong medication due to a mistake in the chart. Whatever the reason may be, the negligence of others can have a detrimental outcome to a person and their family. While we may not be able to bring back an angel, we can certainly help the family build from their loss. Our firm is here to help.

Proving Responsibility

In these personal injury lawsuits, it’s essential your attorney proves the party was responsible for the care and attention of the victim. For instance, a doctor is sworn to uphold the highest standards and provide reasonable care for their patient. If any lack of care, attention to detail, or act of negligence is portrayed, rest assured our knowledgeable attorneys will confront the matter.

Breach of Duty

Breach of duty is the second thing that must be proven in court. This next step is to prove the defendant's’ negligent actions caused the injury or death. They are only held responsible for causes they could foresee. Finally, the last step is to prove the damage that was done to an individual or their family because of pure negligence. In the case with the hospital, a mix-up of charts could have been foreseen and prevented but was not. This is to prove that reasonable care was not administered and is reason for medical malpractice. Proving who is responsible as an individual doesn’t matter in this instance because the medical facility as a whole is responsible for the staff.

Legal Rights of Victims

You have the option of seeking help. No one should ever have to endure the carelessness of an individual, let alone a whole company or facility. Every individual may have the right to pursue a lawsuit with another party that may be deemed as “at-fault” for a major loss or concern. While this page may serve as a suggestion, none of the context displayed should be portrayed as serious legal advice. This is because everyone’s situation is unique, differing from others. Contact our firm now to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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