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A traffic accident can instantaneously change the lives of those affected and this isn’t just referring to the lives of the injured victims. The number of fatalities suffered on our nation’s highways has been steadily increasing over the past few years, usually due to distracted drivers. Fatal accidents can easily result in wrongful death claims when the right circumstances are present, such as intoxicated driving, negligence, and product liability. While many auto, accidents are simple when it comes to determining fault and causation, many other auto accidents are very complicated in nature. These matters require the legal assistance of Trusted Attorneys like the Legal Counselors at JT Legal Group.


Maintaining Your Claim

Many cases can prove difficulty when it comes to locating negligent parties (like a hit and run accident). However, hit and run crashes can still result in significant injury awards when the injured parties have uninsured and under-insured coverage riders on their auto insurance policy. In addition, when the illegal actors can be located and apprehended, they can be charged criminally and sued for damages in most instances. This situation also means an injured driver may be in an adversarial position with their own insurance company as well, which, is rarely a positive for the claimant. Thus, it’s never a good idea to attempt handling an injury claim personally as there are several defenses that can be used by insurance providers to lessen a claim or avoid one altogether. When filing in request for a large settlement, for a large amount of damage, and extensive injuries, do so correctly with our Personal Injury Attorneys.

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Personal Injury & Property Damage Recovery

Property Recovery claims are often the first component of a settlement that is transferred by the respondent insurance company, which is also a good sign that the insurance company will not fight liability on their client’s part. This protection can include assignment of a rental vehicle while awaiting repairs or paying off the value of the vehicle if it’s written off by the insurance company. Negotiating for a fair settlement is usually where most intense resistance occurs from the insurance provider, especially when the insurance adjuster thinks they can argue for an increase in the comparative negligence percentage of the injured plaintiff driver or avoid long-term medical coverage for permanent or disabling injuries included in an intentionally delayed settlement.

Big-Rig, Truck Accidents 

Big truck wrecks are some of the worst collisions seen on the California freeway system and often have catastrophic results for anyone driving or riding in a car, especially when they occur at a high speed. These are also often complicated cases when unraveled by authorities, and the potential for multiple negligent parties is always a possibility. Many times, transportation companies are held accountable as well in commercial truck collisions because they order the delivery and could have failed in maintaining the vehicle or complying with all safety checks and driving limit requirements. Fatigued driving is a regular issue with commercial vehicle operators, usually based on instructions from the company dispatcher. If involved in an accident with a large truck, our attorney will defend your best interests, and make the appropriate lawsuit towards their company.

Van Accidents

There are different types of van accidents. This includes hit and runs van accidents, transport van accidents, and multi-passenger van accidents. Most individuals prefer using a 15-passenger van for rentals for a party, transport to an event, or trips such as church retreats. While such vans offer convenience, they are also more likely to be involved in accidents since they tend to roll over.

Many individuals have lost their lives in rollover van accidents.  Auto manufacturers have acknowledged the danger of these vans, and they keep working on redesigns with extra safety features. Even federal agencies have given warnings about this specific vans. However, some individuals still use the old models, putting other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers at risk.

When these old models are loaded beyond their capacity, they pose an even greater risk. Having passengers in full capacity in a 15-passenger van will shift the center of gravity of this van. This makes it prone to rolling over in an accident at the slightest issue. While there have been many fatalities and rollovers from these vans, auto motives are yet to recall them. This means that every day, passengers ride in these vans unaware of the involved risk. Even worse is that most of these passengers do not wear their seatbelts.

Multi-Passenger Van Accidents

Transporting passengers not belted in, and often driven by inexperienced drivers (as opposed to professional bus drivers) 15-passenger vans can be very dangerous for passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers.

Transportation Van Accidents

At times encumbered with weight greater than specified by the manufacturer, and often driven by inexperienced drivers, commercial vans are a common source of accidents.

Product Liability Cases 

Automotive part malfunctions are common in many crashes that seem unexplained. The recent trend has been failing braking systems or air bag inflators discharging without being impacted, along with extensive recalls on automotive car restraint devices for small children. These claims are also viewed narrowly by the court, meaning it is not always necessary for plaintiff attorneys to prove negligence by the part manufacturer. These claims can be defended strongly when they arise as an anomaly but recall lists can also serve as documentation that the problem has existed previously. The court could view item inclusion on a recall list as failure to provide a reasonable duty of care to product users. These cases always require an Experienced Attorney, as the actual victim may have difficulty Recovering Damages without legal counsel.

Losses One Can Face After Sustaining Injuries in a Transportation Accident

Other than sustaining serious injuries, one may also face other losses as a result of the accident. Often the victim may incur these losses for the rest of their lives. They include:

Wrongful Death

This causes the family emotional pain and loss of companionship, love, household services, and financial support.

Permanent Disfigurement or Disability

A disfiguring or disabling injury can change every aspect of a victim’s life. Therefore, all victims should be compensated the much they deserve, especially since most of these changes cannot be reversed.

Emotional and Physical Pain and Suffering

Injuries sustained from a physical accident can cause immense emotional and physical pain. A victim will have to manage and deal with this pain for an extended period, and it may never go away. Having to deal with life changes because of sudden life changes can cause major emotional trauma.

Loss of Earnings

If you are involved in a transportation accident, you may have to stop working so you can recover. However, you may never return to work if the accident made you disabled, especially if your job is physically demanding.

Medical Expenses

Depending on the injuries you sustained, your medical bills will keep adding up even more so if you need lifelong care.

What to Do When You’re in a Transportation Accident

There are several scenarios where you may be involved in a transportation accident. For instance, you may be the other driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian. Either way, our accident lawyers will represent you. Ensure you are okay, then call the police, and wait for them to arrive. Take pictures of the accident scene and any injuries you may have sustained. If there are any witnesses present, note down their details. Do not forget to note down the details of the driver and avoid negotiating with them. When the police arrive, file a detailed report, and note down the officer’s details.

Afterward, seek medical attention, even if you do not have any physical injuries. It helps to get a full-body check-up to ensure that you did not sustain any internal injuries. In most cases, if you are a passenger involved in an accident, they will request medical health for any injured passengers since they are commercial carriers. Always keep your medical reports since you may need to use them to prove the injuries you sustained.

It will also help to call a Los Angeles transportation accident lawyer as soon as possible. It is essential to work with an experienced and skilled lawyer since they can help you determine whether you have a strong case. It will be best to work with an accident lawyer who has worked on similar cases to ensure that they will handle your case with competence. It is worth mentioning that statutes of limitation restrict how long you must file a claim after being involved in an accident.

Items You’ll Need to Build a Strong Case If You’re in a Transportation Accident

If you want to file a claim after being involved in a transportation accident, you need specific items to build a strong case. Therefore, it is vital to work with an experienced lawyer since they will help you determine if you have a strong case and help you file the claim. You will need to have all the records or documents related to the accident since they will help you prove how the accident affected you or your family. This is also the only way you can build a strong case. Listed are some of the items you will need to build a strong case if you are in a transportation accident:

  • A record of all your medical bills
  • Pictures of the injuries you sustained from the accident
  • Photos of the accident scene.
  • If you were the other driver, do not fix your vehicle. Instead, find out the cost of repair and, in the case where repair is impossible, the cost of a new one. Have this information in written form.
  • Show proof of your loss of income if you have been unable to work after getting into the accident.
  • Provide the information of the witnesses at the accident scene and that of the driver.
  • If you were disabled after the accident and need physical therapy or the help of assistive devices, show proof of these.
  • If the accident caused you emotional distress or physical pain and suffering, you could also have proof of this. Usually, you may need an expert to write this down.

Factors to Consider for Transportation Accident Case Compensation 

Before you seek compensation, it may help to know what caused the accident to identify the liable party. Different parties may be responsible. This can include government entities, auto manufacturers, a driver’s employer, or an individual driver. Defective designs are often a commonly cited cause in rollover transportation accidents. But negligent drivers are equally to blame for transportation accidents because they may violate traffic laws, tailgate, speed, run red lights, or drive under the influence.

Several factors can be considered in a transportation accident case compensation. This process is sometimes complex, but you do not have to worry about this because our van accident lawyers will take care of this. In most cases, the damages that resulted from the accident are used to gauge the rightful compensation.

However, damages can refer to different things other than financial compensation. It may be harder to determine how much you should be compensated for emotional damage. Below are some of the factors that can be considered for van accident case compensation.

Medical Expenses

You will get compensation for all the medical expenses you had to pay for because of the accident. If there are more medical expenses you are set to incur in the future, you will also be compensated for this.

Lost Wages

If you lost any wages while you were recovering, you would be compensated for that. If you cannot go back to work because the accident made you disabled, you will receive lost wages compensation.

Loss of Consortium 

Suppose you have a partner whose needs you cannot meet because of the accident. They may get compensated. For instance, you may have been able to offer them assistance, care, affection, sex, and even children before the accident but are unable to because of the accident.

Loss of Enjoyment

After getting involved in an accident, you may not be able to participate in hobbies and activities that you used to enjoy. For instance, if you enjoyed going sky diving but got paralyzed after the accident, you may never get to skydive again. Therefore, you can be compensated.

Pain and Suffering

There is a lot of emotional trauma and physical pain that you may have to deal with after the accident. You also must deal with the discomfort that may result from the accident, even after you have healed. It is possible that your pain and suffering may never go away, so you can demand to be compensated.

You Need the Best Legal Team and Injury Lawyers for Your Transportation Accident Injury 

Immediate legal representation will get you the maximum compensation for the injuries you suffered as a passenger, pedestrian, or driver in a transportation accident in California.

Don’t give or sign recorded statements of any kind, and don’t give anyone except your trusted injury lawyer access to your data and medical history. Ideally, give us a call even before the police comes: we’ll help you give the most convenient witness statement, and walk you through the whole ordeal from there on.

  1. Transportation drivers can be inexperienced and quite reckless, and sometimes the transport vehicles themselves don’t follow the safety requirements specified by the manufacturer and the law. This results in high accident rates and injuries all over California.
  2. Since transport or commercial companies are required to possess sizable insurance policies, you can expect them to have lawyers and insurance agents ready to contest your right to monetary compensation for your injury. 

That’s why it’s important to hire a California personal injury lawyer for your accident as soon as possible.

If you’ve been injured in a transportation accident, the experienced Los Angeles auto accident attorneys at JT Legal Group help you get what’s yours!

What Compensation Can You Get in California for Your Injury? 

Medical expenses are only the tip of the iceberg. An experienced, aggressive injury attorney will get you much higher damages monetary compensation under the state of California’s law. Remember: you only pay us when we WIN your case, so rest easy we’ll fight to get you every possible dollar in damages.

Choosing a Transportation Accident Lawyer 

You must hire a well-experienced transportation accident lawyer who can navigate the federal and state laws and regulations that govern all types of transportation vehicles. They should also help you determine if the violation of these laws resulted in the collision or worsened your injuries. Your lawyer must also ensure that all the potential compensations are pursued, whether it was the driver’s fault, government entity’s fault, auto manufacturer’s fault, or the driver’s employer’s fault. Our law firm has worked with accident victims of all types of motor vehicle accident cases ranging from motorcycle accidents to common traffic accidents to difficult truck accidents and bus accidents, we all understand the complex laws of Southern California and beyond. A quick glance at our testimonials and you’ll see how satisfied some of our customers have been. Get your free consultation today.

California Comparative Negligence Law

Anyone who has been a victim of a traffic collision in California should immediately call the California attorneys at JT Legal Group for a FREE Evaluation of your case value potential. It is easy to be cheated out of an Equitable Settlement when you do not understand the tactics of the opposing insurance companies. We pride ourselves in providing Professional Negotiation Services as well as Solid Professional Legal Representation.

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