Jack Ter-Saakyan - JT Legal Group

Hakop Jack Ter-Saakyan is the founding partner of JT Legal Group, APC. When Jack was young, he admired the judicial system and he aspired to be someone people turned to when they needed help. He has accomplished his goals by going to law school and becoming a lawyer. He is now one of the preeminent attorneys in California that people turn to in their time of need.

Mr. Ter-Saakyan started on his mission by forming a law firm centered around criminal law, and one centered around consumer protection, primarily real estate law focused on wrongful foreclosures. The more people Mr. Ter-Saakyan helped, the more he realized there was a clear need in the community for ethical personal injury attorneys. He has since transformed his law firm into one of California’s preeminent personal injury law firms servicing clients in all walks of life.

JT Legal Group is one of the few law firms that have in-house criminal law and immigration attorneys to help guide its clients through potential pitfalls of their personal injury cases.