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What to do now?
Your legal steps after a bus accident

The worst is over. At least, if you don’t consider the bus company’s predatory insurance adjusters and lawyers trying to minimize or deny your settlement.

Make sure you get the highest compensation, fast, with California’s best bus accident lawyers.

Bus Accident Injuries in California: How Legal Representation Works

Bus operating companies in California are insured for millions of dollars. Get maximum compensation by hiring the best injury lawyer today.

Every day, dozens of bus operators cruise California’s busy, well-traveled roads.

On these roads, accidents happen often and – as you know all too well – people are harmed.

What you probably don’t know is that bus transport companies such as Los Angeles Charter Bus Company. Sun Diego Charter, First Transit – or Greyhound – are required by law to have large insurance policies covering injury cases.

As your injury lawyers, we’ll fight on your behalf to get maximum compensation – sometimes in the millions– from the bus company or its insurer, whether in court or in private settlement.

Types of Bus Accident Injury Compensation

The right California transportation injury lawyer will claim much, much more than just medical bills on your behalf. Contact us for a FREE case evaluation, and we’ll give you an estimate on how much you could get in compensation.

All medical bills, from doctor visits and medications to hospital stays, surgery and recovery aids
Loss of future earnings due to lost time or permanent impairment of your ability
Loss of life’s pleasures due to your bus accident injury
Property loss or damage resulting from the bus accident
Missed opportunities by failing to reach your destination in time
Fear of road transportation following your bus accident
Lost wages due to your inability to work
Loss of consortium, or loss of a loved one
Emotional distress
Other damages

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Don’t lose the legal window of opportunity. Get maximum compensation for your car accident injuries – and more importantly, don’t give the defendant’s lawyers time to prepare against you.
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This means you never pay a dime from your own pocket. We charge offenders and insurance companies directly.

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Specialized Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyers

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Given the legal resources available to bus operators, you want nobody but the best to claim your rightful compensation for your accident injury. Get in touch today: your legal consultation is free and confidential.

We’ve won millions in cases against the biggest bus companies in California, and yours is next!

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    How We Help You WIth Bus Accident Injuries

    Our experienced lawyers at JT Legal Group will work tirelessly on your injury case, offering support and clarification at every step of the journey.

    When it comes to bus accident injury cases, we know how to handle lawyered up company officials, wrongful negligent drivers, and all their lawyers and insurance adjusters. In fact, we take particular pleasure in filing claims against, fighting, or going to court with these predatory companies and their legal representatives.
    We contact witnesses, hire experts, and collect evidence in a timely manner, making sure we squeeze every dollar that the State of California allows from the perpetrators of your bus accident injury.

    01 Gather all the evidence

    02 Speak accident witnesses

    03 Obtain Reports from police, accident, and medical experts.

    04 Collect your medical records and bills

    05 Meet with insurance and bus company officials

    06 Dig out obscure laws and past sentences that’ll help you win

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