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Most bicyclists are not aware that they can get compensated when involved in a bicycle crash. Whether it be a few broken bones, a head injury, brain injury, lacerations, or any other type of series injuries, you can make a bicycle accident claim, and there are various types of compensation you can receive. However, it would be best to reach out to a law firm with a bicycle accident attorney to help you with your case so you can get the compensation you deserve for your injury claim.

If you or a loved one have recently been involved in a bicycle accident, do not contact your insurance company first. Instead, get a professional and experienced bike accident attorney to work on your case, so you can be fully compensated as you focus on your recovery. It is worth mentioning that a fee is only applicable if and when the case is won.


What to Do When You’re in a Bicycle Accident

Suppose you are involved in a bike crash. Avoid negotiating with the driver or other motorists regardless of whether you were in the right of way or not. There is no point figuring out who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Instead, ensure you get off the road first, call the police and take pictures of your bicycle and your injuries as you wait for the police to arrive.

It is often best to wait for the police to get to the scene so you can file a detailed police report and the incident is documented, not forgetting the identity of any witnesses present.

Get the driver’s insurance information and their name, and the name of the passenger they may be with. Ensure that you contact your attorney first and not your insurance policy provider. It would also be best to go to the emergency room and get checked out since you will need the medical records as proof of your injury. However, if you have serious injuries, ask someone else to help you with this.

It is also worth mentioning that you should always observe bicycle safety when you are out cycling, following the traffic laws, stopping at stop signs, and so on. When it is safe, cycle on the bike lanes and avoid cycling in poor road conditions, especially roads with potholes. Remember to take the information of the officer who will take your report. Do not lose any of the information you collect about the crash since this will be used as evidence.

Items You’ll Need to Build a Strong Case if You’re in a Bicycle Accident

When you are involved in a bicycle accident, suppose you want to file a lawsuit as an injured cyclist. There are several items you will need if you intend to build a strong case. As mentioned earlier, you need to keep a record of any documents associated with the accident.

This is the only way you can prove how severe the accident was and, and it also helps you build a strong personal injury case. This is also another reason you should seek legal advice from a bicycle accident lawyer, because they will help you collect and have all the necessary documents to build your case. Listed below are some of the items you will need to build a strong case if you are in a bicycle accident.

•    Have pictures of your bicycle and injuries from the accident scene as well as any motor vehicles involved.

•    Have a record of all your medical bills and documentation of medical treatment.

•    Do not replace or fix your bicycle. Instead, find out how much repair will cost or the cost of a new and similar one. Ensure this is in writing.

•    Have the information of the driver and witnesses from the scene.

•    If you have not been able to work after your accident, show proof of your lost wages.

•    If the accident was severe and you require assistive devices and physical therapy, you will need proof.

•    Have proof of the emotional distress the accident caused you.

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Factors to Consider for Bicycle Accident Case Compensation

Figuring out how to solve a bicycle accident compensation case can be quite complex. Luckily, your attorney will deal with that. Fundamentally, the damages associated with the accident are what determine the compensation.

The problem is that the term ‘damages’ is a very wide umbrella term. Damages are more than just financial. Emotional damages also require compensation, and this may be harder to put a price on. Discussed below are factors to consider for bicycle accident case compensation.

Emotional Distress

The accident’s severity and how that traumatic event has affected your life are often considered in your case compensation.

Pain and Suffering

The emotional trauma, pain, and discomfort you experience from the crash demand compensation. You may have healed but still, experience pain from the injury.

Loss of Enjoyment

If after the accident you are unable to participate in activities and hobbies you used to enjoy and take part in regularly, you can be compensated.

Loss of Consortium

Your partner can be compensated if the accident rendered you incapable of particular services that you would otherwise have been able to offer them. This includes the ability to have children, sex, care, affection, and assistance.

Medical Expenses

You will be compensated for all the medical expenses you incurred in the past related to the accident and any other medical expenses you will incur in the future due to the accident. The same applies to lost wages.

Essentially, you will be compensated for financial damages for things like your inability to earn, do house chores, repair or replace the damaged property, and any expenses for activities you cannot do due to the injury.

The Law is on Your Side – Get Compensation For Your Bike Accident

In most cases, California law defaults on considering those injured in bicycle and car accidents. Now, make sure your monetary compensation is the highest it can be, with the help of our experienced Los Angeles and wider area accident injury attorneys.

Get Maximum Compensation

Maximize the damages paid by your bicycle insurance or that of the driver that hit you. We’ll evaluate your case and work relentlessly to get what’s yours.

Safeguard Your Interests

Don’t sign any papers or respond to insurance companies’ inquiries before lawyering up. As a bike victim, you can be entitled to significant compensation that your assailant will try to minimize.

Let Us Fight For You

Remember: no win, no fee. We’ll fight relentlessly for you and do everything on your behalf, as you focus on your rest and recovery. Free consultations always available.

Act Now To Get Maximum Compensation For Your Injury

The clock is ticking. Contact our experienced Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and greater California bike accident lawyers before you lose your window of opportunity.

Under the state of California’s law, the so-called statute of limitation defines a narrow time frame under which a bicycle accident victim can file a claim. Additionally, the more you wait, the more time you’ll give insurance lawyers to contest or reduce your well-deserved compensation.

Don’t let that happen. Here’s what you should do to boost your chances of winning your bicycle accident injury case:

Don't contact your insurance just yet
Rest easy and recover: we'll take it from here
Instead, contact an injury lawyer specialized in California. Our attorneys are highly experienced with bicycle acciden
Prepare exact information about your accident (plate numbers, exact event sequence, your injuries, medical bills etc.)

What Determines Compensation For My Bicycle Accident Injury?

Cases are as variegated as, unfortunately, are injuries. Some of the many factors to consider for bicycle injury case are the following:

Under the state of California’s law, the so-called statute of limitation defines a narrow time frame under which a bicycle accident victim can file a claim. Additionally, the more you wait, the more time you’ll give insurance lawyers to contest or reduce your well-deserved compensation.

Don’t let that happen. Here’s what you should do to boost your chances of winning your bicycle accident injury case:

What types of injuries you suffered in your cycling accident, and how severe

You’re doing the right thing by looking for a personal injury attorney. We’ll get you the compensation you deserve!

With their beautiful weather and breathtaking landscapes, California’s roads are every cyclist’s dream. But all it takes is a moment’s drop in attention, one reckless driver, or even a design defect in your bicycle, and a dream becomes a nightmare. In fact, Los Angeles was recently named America’s worst city for bicyclists.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a bike accident in California, we know how you feel, and how to help you get things right. Our personal injury lawyers have assisted countless bicycle accident victims in the Los Angeles area and greater California. And consistently, we’ve WON thousands for the road injury victims under our patronage.

Your legal victory is next. After all, we earn our fee only if we win. Talk to us: what happened?

During your initial consultation, our law firm will guide you step-by-step through the possibilities and explain what you can expect going forward, whether we go for a private settlement, or go to court. Free case evaluations are always available and you can contact us today to set yours up.

In bicycle accidents in California, injury cases can lead to high compensation because cyclists are significantly protected by the law. That is unless the driver at fault lawyers up, and you’re left defenseless when filing your claim.

Will My Bicycle Accident Case Go To Trial?

Not necessarily, and in fact in most cases road accidents and bicycle accident injuries result in out-of-court negotiations – even if you filed a claim in court.

The best course of action should be decided by our experienced California auto accident attorneys following a thorough review of your case, the goal being to get you the highest compensation for your bicycle injury, with any means available.

Aren’t Drivers Always at Fault in a Bicycle Accident?

When bicyclists suffer injuries from an accident with a road vehicle, law and practice in the state of California usually assume that the cyclist is the victim. However, in some cases, the driver’s accident attorneys can demonstrate that the cyclist was negligent. They’ll sure try, which is why you should seek the help of a professional attorney in California specialized in bike accidents. We’ll conduct thorough investigations to sustain your claim and maximize damages compensation

Types of Bicycle Accident Injury Compensation

You wouldn’t believe how many things you can claim monetary compensation for. Or at least, when you have the best Los Angeles area injury lawyers fighting for you in your bicycle accident injury case. Here’s a not-so-exhaustive list of damage s you’re entitled to in California.

Lost Wages due to your bicycle injury
Loss of future earnings because of your bicycle accident injury
Pain and suffering due to your bicycle injury, Emotional Distress
Medical bills, including the cost of doctor's appointments, hospital stays, prescription medications
Impairment to your cycling career whether you're a professional racer or otherwise make a living from cycling
Losing the enjoyment (and relative health benefits) derived from cycling
Property loss of your bicycle, gear, damaged phone etc
Emotional distress
Recovery aids physical therapy, assistive devices (wheelchair, crutches, ramps)
Loss of consortium and other damages

As you recover, you get support and timely updates at every step of the way, as we fight to recover what’s yours.

We’ve won a whopping 95% of personal injury cases. Yours is next, with max compensation under California and Federal law.

This means you never pay a dime from your own pocket. We charge offenders and insurance companies directly.

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    02 Speak to Witnesses
    03 Obtain Police Reports
    04 Collect your Medical Records and Bills
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    06 Dig out obscure laws and past sentences


    Don’t lose your legal window of opportunity, and don’t give the RV driver’s lawyers one more minute to prepare. Contact us right away.

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