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Personal Injuries in Beverly Hills are common. Do you have a trustworthy attorney by your side?

Beverly Hills is home to many Hollywood stars, it features the upscale shopping street of Rodeo Drive. The expansive Beverly Gardens Park has fountains and rose gardens, plus an illuminated Beverly Hills sign. 
The city itself attracts numerous tourists that visit on the daily to eat, shop and explore the city. However, with the number of tourists going into the city accidents are becoming more common. 

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JT Legal Group is proud to be considered one of the top rated legal teams in California. We have also partnered with Landver Law Corporation to bring the best service possible to the community of Beverly Hills and the west side of Los Angeles.

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Common causes of personal injury cases in Beverly Hills

Substance related accidents
Slip & Fall Injuries
Wrongful Death
Dangerous Premises
Motorcycle Accidents
Car Accidents

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    Step 1: Are the damages sufficient enough?

    Court cases take time and costs money. We'll first need to see if your case warrants more significant legal action. This relates to any loss of wages, medical expenses and significant physical pain and suffering.

    Step 2: Determine whether there’s a “source” for compensation

    In California, this refers to the liable party’s insurance policy which would cover medical bills, lost wages and other compensations.

    Step 3: Determine the “Liable Facts."

    The person or persons who caused your injury failed to provide common care, which resulted in your injury.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I Choose a Beverly Hills Lawyer to Represent Me?

    Important questions to consider:

    1. How comfortable are you with your lawyer? Does he/she Inspire Trust when it comes to your personal information? Is the representative actually “Interested in Your Case?”

    2. How Experienced is your Personal Injury Attorney? How long have they been practicing law? Does he/she have any experience with cases like yours!

    3. How are the legal fees structured? Are they charging by the hour or a flat fee? Is your attorney able to provide you with a cost estimation of your case ahead of time?

    4. How close is your lawyer to your location? Do you have to drive a long way just to meet with your attorney or are they conveniently close to you?

    How Long do I have to File my Lawsuit?

    In California, you have until 2 years after the date of the incident to file a personal injury lawsuit. , However, the longer you wait, the stronger the liable party’s case becomes.

    What to do in the case of a personal injury?

    Depending on the severity of your injury, it is important that you always remain calm. If your injury is NOT life-threatening, stay where you are and try not to move much. If possible, contact the authorities and immediately afterward contact your lawyer.

    In the case that your personal injury is life-threatening, get medical attention ASAP. If you are not able to call the authorities yourself, instruct any nearby person to do so on your behalf.

    Document as much of the event as you can by capturing pictures or videos,

    What NOT to do in the case of a Personal Injury?

    · DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING – Whether it’s the police, their lawyer or their insurance agent – do not sign anything before consulting with your lawyer.

    · DO NOT CALL YOUR INSURANCE – Perhaps you might have health insurance which could cover your bills, however, if you are the victim you should not have to pay for your recovery.

    · DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE – Answer only basic questions. However, do not get into too much detail about the event. Wait for your lawyer to be present.

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