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Recreational vehicle accidents in California

In the past few years, Americans have gone on an RV purchase spree. More of these ungainly vehicles on the road mean more accidents.

RVs come in all sizes and shapes – motorhomes, van campers, converted vans, truck campers, or folding camping trailers. And all of them are notoriously tricky to drive.

They’re harder to maneuver than cars of trucks, don’t break as efficiently, and they can lose stability quickly on California’s winding roads. this often results in injuries to occupants, pedestrians, or other vehicles.

Liability for RV accidents in California can be complicated to determine. At-fault can be not only the drivers, but also RV manufacturers, or in some cases the government (for badly kept, dangerous roads in California) In either case, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation for your injury, and we’re here to get it for you.

If you’ve been injured in an RV accident, the experienced Los Angeles auto accident attorneys at JT Legal Group are here to help!

What to do after an RV accident in California? Your legal options

You’re possibly entitled to a very high compensation for your RV accident injuries. Don’t let your rights go unnoticed: get help by the premiere auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles area and wider California.

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Under California law, strict statute of limitations impose a narrow time frame for bus accident victims to file a claim. Being late to do so can make it impossible to get compensation, or result in a very low amount.

Why you need a California lawyer for your RV accident injuries

RVs are uniquely dangerous vehicles, and the right lawyer can collect the most compensation for your road accident injury.

Due to their massive size and hard maneuverability, RV’s are subject to special regulation. For instance, the California Vehicle Code 35400 restricts the highways and roads that RVs over 40 feet can operate on.

RV drivers also need more following distance from other vehicles, and manufacturer specifications may recommend not driving on certain road conditions.

Due to these unique circumstances, there are many ways to assess an RV driver’s liability in an accident that resulted in injury. The right Californianauto injury lawyer will find many ways to increase compensation for your RV accident injuries.

Types of compensation for RV
Accident Injuries in California

You can get compensastion for much more than just medical expenses with the best injury attorney fighting for you. And remember, you pay us only if we win your case, so there’s no risk involved for you.

All medical bills, from doctor visits and medications to hospital stays, surgery and recovery aids

Property loss or damage resulting from the bus accident

Lost wages due to your inability to work

Loss of future earnings due to lost time or permanent impairment of your ability

Permanent disability or disfigurement due to your RV accident injury

Cost associated with cancelled trips or altered plans

Loss of financial contribution

Loss of life’s pleasures

Emotional distress

Loss of companionship and consortium

Damages to a loved one

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How we help you with RV accident injury

Our experienced auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles will work tirelessly to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve for the RV accident injuries you suffered.

We have the expertise and resources to research every aspect of your RV accident, including hiring the best medical experts and accident analysts in California. As highly specialized auto accident attorneys, we know how to approach your case, deal with everyone involved, and fight for you in court or in an out of court injury settlement.

  • 01 Gather all Evidence
  • 02 Speak accident witnesses
  • 03 Obtain Reports from police,
    accident, and medical experts.
  • 04 Collect your medical records
    and bills
  • 05 Meet with insurance and bus
    company officials
  • 06 Dig out obscure laws and past
    sentences that’ll help you win

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“Testimonials are a great way to showcase your ability to solve your customers’ problems. I suggest to have written testimonials alongside videos.”

Car Accident

John Doe
Los Angeles, CA

“Testimonials are a great way to showcase your ability to solve your customers’ problems. I suggest to have written testimonials alongside videos.”

Car Accident

John Doe
Los Angeles, CA

“Testimonials are a great way to showcase your ability to solve your customers’ problems. I suggest to have written testimonials alongside videos.”

Car Accident

John Doe
Los Angeles, CA