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Most individuals are not aware of what to do if they should be involved in an RV accident. You should know multiple things about RV accidents and the appropriate steps to take when you are involved in one. It would help to talk to a professional and experienced auto accident lawyer. If you do not have one, call our team.

We have experienced RV accident attorneys who will work until you get the compensation you deserve for all the injuries you have sustained. Our copy will provide an in-depth knowledge of all you need to know about RV accidents.

What to Do When You’re in an RV Accident

Suppose you are involved in an RV accident. It would help to contact your auto accident lawyer. However, as with any other auto accident you may be involved in, it would help to contact the police and seek medical aid if you are injured. Even if you cannot see any bruises, you should still go to a hospital to get checked out to ensure that you have not sustained any internal injuries.

If you are not severely injured, it would be best to wait for law enforcement to get there and take the accident report. Take pictures of the accident scene, and if you cannot, ask someone to take the pictures for you. It is worth mentioning that the police will also take pictures, but it helps to have your own, which you will present to your auto accident lawyer.

When you are involved in a car accident, you may not be thinking straight but try and get as much information as you can. This includes pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, the license plate of the RV, and the details of the police taking the statement. If possible, get the contact information of individuals at the accident scene who watched the accident unfold. Ensure that you also get a copy of your medical record when you go to the hospital.

It would help if you wrote down in detail the accounts that led to the accident. Avoid calling insurance agents before speaking to an auto accident attorney. This is because most insurance companies often end up paying the victim the little amount possible. However, an auto accident lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and much more.

Call your auto insurance attorney, and they will go over your legal options and inform you if your case is strong enough to file a lawsuit. If you have a strong case, they will walk you through the insurance claim process. It is worth noting that working with an auto accident lawyer is essential because they know what they are doing and will ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Filing the case yourself may not be the best approach to take.

You should also note that getting a lawyer who is not experienced in auto accidents may not be the right call. Only work with professional lawyers, working in reputable firms, and have dealt with similar cases before. Our lawyers will ensure that you rest and recover as they collect all the essential information like medical reports and bills and taking the perpetrator to court. If necessary, our lawyers will also speak to witnesses.

Items You’ll Need to Build a Strong Case if You’re in an RV Accident

You will need several items to build a strong case if you are involved in an RV accident. Once you call your auto accident lawyer, you should provide them with all the evidence you collected from the accident scene, but more important are your medical bills. Discussed are the items you will require to build a strong case.

Medical Records

You must keep all your medical records from the accident. You should have all the medical records from the initial check-up to any treatments you may have undergone due to the accident. Medical records are essential because they prove how the accident affected your life, even more so if you sustained severe injuries that altered your everyday life.

Medical Bills

You will also need to have proof of your medical bills if you intend to build a strong case. Therefore, it would help to keep every record of every medical bill you had to pay due to the accident. Medical bills are often used to determine how much you should be compensated for what you have already spent and what you may still need to spend in the future.


Having photos and videos from the accident scene is also essential since it is proof of the accident. This would come in handy if the accident were severe. The photos and videos from the accident scene will also prove all the injuries you sustained because of the accident. Pictorial evidence helps you build a strong case.


Witnesses can help you build a strong case because they will recount the events that led to the accident. Therefore, if you got any contact information from the witnesses at the accident scene, you can use them. The accident statement taken by the local authority will also help you build a strong case. This is why it is essential to call the local authorities to take an accident statement before you head to the hospital.

It helps to write down an account of the events of everything that happened. This can help your lawyers collect all the evidence needed as you recover. The driver’s information and their license information will also help you build a strong case.

Factors to Consider for RV Accident Case Compensation

There are several factors to consider for RV accidents case compensation, even though it may be hard to determine the liability. An RV accident can lead to you sustaining severe injuries that can create financial, emotional, and physical hardships for you. Therefore, when your lawyer helps you file a lawsuit, you will receive a damages award that should cover multiple costs. Below are some of the factors that may be considered for a case’s compensation.

Loss of Life’s Pleasures

If you are unable to participate in your hobbies and things that used to bring you joy after the accident, you will have to be compensated for this. For instance, if you used to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or sports but can no longer do so, you will be compensated. You will also qualify for compensation if the accident caused you permanent disability.

Loss of Earnings

If the RV accident you were involved in was so severe that you had to stay in hospital to recover and you were not paid during that period, you will be compensated. It is also worth noting that if the accident affected you to a point where you can no longer work, you also have to be compensated for this.

Emotional Distress

While sometimes it may be hard to get compensated for emotional distress since it cannot easily be proved, you still qualify for compensation. If your health care provider can show proof that the accident left you in emotional distress, then you can get compensated.

Medical Bills

You will also get compensated for all the past medical bills you will have paid. If there are any future medical bills that you still need to pay due to the injuries you sustained from the accident, you will be compensated for this too. You will also get compensation for your recovery aid if you need things like therapy.

Property Damage

Suppose any of your property was damaged during the RV accident, you will be compensated. If you lost your property as a result of the accident, you will get compensation.

Several factors will be considered in an RV case compensation. Call our lawyers if you live around California and are in an RV accident or have recently been in an RV accident. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

RV Accident Statistics

Recreational Vehicle Accidents in California

In the past few years, Americans have gone on an RV purchase spree. More of these ungainly vehicles on the road mean more accidents.

RVs come in all sizes and shapes – motorhomes, van campers, converted vans, truck campers, folding camping trailers, camper vans, pop-ups, and so on. And all of them are notoriously tricky to drive.

They’re harder to maneuver than cars or trucks, don’t break as efficiently, and they can lose stability quickly on California’s winding roads and rollover. This often results in injuries to occupants, pedestrians, or other vehicles. The immense blind spots of RVs also pose an issue for some drivers and can often result in a crash. Tire blowouts are also a common culprit of RV crashes as well as inexperienced drivers that have no business towing anything of size.

The many common causes of rv, car, and truck accidents alike can result in everything from minor bruising, to whiplash, to broken bones, to serious matters such as spinal cord injuries and even wrongful death. Accident victims must know their options no matter the size of the accident.

Liability for RV accidents in California can be complicated to determine. At-fault can be not only the drivers, but also RV manufacturers, or in some cases the government (for badly kept, dangerous roads in California). In either case, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation for your injury, and we’re here to get it for you.

If you’ve been injured in an RV accident, the experienced Los Angeles auto accident attorneys at JT Legal Group are here to help!

What to do After an RV Accident in California – Your Legal Options

You’re possibly entitled to a very high compensation for your RV accident injuries. Don’t let your rights go unnoticed: get help by the premiere auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles area and wider California.

Collect as Much Information as You Can

It may be hard to stay collected after an accident, but try writing down what happened, remember the RV’s license plates and driver’s name. Also, make sure you collect initial medical reports. It is important!

Rest Easy and Recovery: We’ve Got This

We’ve got this, and we’ll keep fighting on your behalf until we take everything you’re owed. We’ll collect information, medical bills, reports, speak to relevant people and if necessary, take the RV accident perpetrator to court.

Why You Need a California Lawyer for Your RV Accident Injuries

RVs are uniquely dangerous vehicles, and the right lawyer can collect the most compensation for your personal injury.

Due to their massive size and hard maneuverability, RV’s are subject to special regulation. For instance, California Vehicle Code 35400 restricts the highways and roads that RVs over 40 feet can operate on.

RV drivers also need more following distance from other vehicles, and manufacturer specifications may recommend not driving on certain road conditions.

Due to these unique circumstances, there are many ways to assess an RV driver’s liability in an accident that resulted in injury. The right Californianauto injury lawyer will find many ways to increase compensation for your RV accident injuries:

•    All medical bills, from doctor visits and medications to hospital stays, surgery and recovery aids

•    Loss of life’s pleasures

•    Property loss or damage resulting from the bus accident

•    Lost wages due to your inability to work

•    Loss of companionship and consortium

•    Damages to a loved one

•    Loss of future earnings due to lost time or permanent impairment of your ability

•    Emotional distress

•    Permanent disability or disfigurement due to your RV accident injury

•    Cost associated with cancelled trips or altered plans

•    Loss of financial contribution

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    accident, and medical experts.
    04 Collect your medical records
    and bills
    05 Meet with insurance officials and the perpetrator’s lawyers
    06 Dig out laws and past sentences that can help your case