Top 6 Reasons Why Your Claim was Denied

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Imagine getting into an accident and filing a claim. Sure, there’s a possibility that they might increase your insurance rate, but there’s also the possibility that you may be compensated for your injuries and much-needed repairs, as well. After all, what’s worse than a hideous fender bender and car accident injuries?

Denied Claims

The answer to this may be a denied insurance claim. This factor alone can prove to be more harmful than a hideous bumper dragging at the end of your vehicle. Although unsightly, a denied claim can end up causing more damage than an ugly detached bumper. Now that your claim is denied, you are obligated to pay for your own damages and injuries out of pocket, your insurance rate may increase and you may not get any kind of compensation, at all. Wondering where you may have gone wrong? We will discuss the six main reasons as to why your claim got denied, below:

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No complaint or treatment was made following the accident

    1. ” the sooner you file a complaint or obtain medical treatment after the accident, the stronger your claim’s case may be. If you wait a while after the accident happened, your claim’s case has a lesser likelihood to receive any type of beneficial consideration. If there were no reported injuries or medical attention resulting from the accident, insurance companies look at this as

an exaggerated or falsified claim

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2. You do not qualify as a named insured under the policy ” instances like this occur when someone who is not insured under your auto policy, becomes involved in an accident while driving your car. A notable example would be a teenager who drives their parent’s car without their parent’s consent, as the parents did not place their teenager under their vehicle’s insurance.

3. There is no coverage on your car insurance policy for the presented claim ” this particular reason correlates more with your own insurance policy, as well as what it includes. For example, someone driving an older vehicle may only carry liability insurance and have no collision coverage.

4. The amount of damage that was claimed exceeds your policy limit ” This is usually stated on your insurance policy’s declaration page. In cases like this, your insurance may not be entitled to cover any additional costs that exceed your policy coverage.

5. The accident could have been easily avoided ” This aspect is certain only when the insurer believes that you did something that would confirm the policy coverage as ineffective, like driving under the influence.

6. No Mechanism for Injury – Sometimes, insurance companies will agree to pay for your loss, but then all medical injuries and pain and suffering losses are denied based on their “belief” that the accident was not powerful enough to warrant paying for medial injuries or pain and suffering.

Insurance Bad Faith

Keep in mind that you may not always be wrong. There have been MANY instances where an insurance company was at-fault for not compensating the victim properly. Though many of us regularly pay for our insurance premiums (whether yearly or monthly), receiving coverage and protection from these insurers only seems inevitable! Unfortunately, the sad truth is that these insurance monsters often belittle well-deserved claims to save their own bottom line. Fortunately, having trusted legal support may help secure your recovery and compensation, as well as save you from enduring insurance bad faith.

Trusted Legal Support

Apart from the six main reasons listed above, there are many other scenarios as to why your claim was denied. If you feel your insurance claim denial was a practice of insurance “bad faith,” contact your knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Rather than calling insurance adjusters and getting no helpful answers, have your trusted personal injury attorney handle your car accident’s claim. With trusted legal support on your side, there could be a fighting chance that you were not wrong at all. For any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding your unique situation, contact our firm immediatelywe’re here to help.


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