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    Handling Personal Injury Matters

    At JT Legal Group, clients may rest assured their claim is in safe hands. At our firm, our attorneys handle a wide array of personal injury matters. By having such a diverse team, we are able to tackle many different types of cases. When many think “personal injury,” many often think of car accidents. Apart from handling car accident claims, our firm also handles other personal injury matters like the following...

    Transportation Accidents

    A traffic accident can instantaneously change the lives of all those affected, and that is not just the lives of the injured victims. The number of fatalities suffered on the nation's highways has been increasing in the past few years, potentially being impacted by distracted driving practices that are common with respect to cell phone usage while driving. Fatal accidents can easily result in wrongful death claims when the right circumstances are present, such as intoxicated driving, negligence and product liability.

    Catastrophic Injuries

    Catastrophic injuries are those that leave a colossal impact on the life of an individual. A devastating injury can leave a person unable to return to normal activities or perform any meaningful work. Such injuries can be permanent, meaning that the life of the person living with them changes completely. These changes don’t just affect the victim but the people around him or her as well. If you were the head of the household, then your dependents may start to suffer, especially when there are no other means of income. Financial constraints set in, leading to even more problems. Victims of catastrophic injuries need to get their rightful compensation and a knowledgeable lawyer from JT Legal Group can help.

    Product Liability

    Everyone, at one time or another, has encountered a product that was defective. A product may not have worked as well as we had hoped or perhaps it had been damaged at some point between where it was manufactured and the place it was sold. Usually, the problem is easy to resolve: we take it back to where we purchased it for a refund or a replacement. However, there are times when using a product will lead to unexpected damage to our home, our automobile, or even an injury to ourselves or. When this occurs, we may be forced to consider a defective product lawsuit.

    Premises Liability

    Premises liability is a type of personal injury law where injuries are caused by unsafe or defective conditions on a person's property. Any injury that is caused by the negligence of the owner of the property you were injured is called a "property injury." These injuries can occur in any place you happen to be: if you are injured in someone's home because of the negligence of the homeowner, it is a "home injury." If you are injured while out in a public place, that would be a "public injury."

    Other Negligent Events

    Negligent injuries can be caused by breaking a "breach of duty". When assessing negligent claims, the knowledgeable Personal Injury attorneys at JT Legal Group can find the causation of the damages. These types of negligent events may include...

    • Construction Accidents,
    • Workplace Accidents,
    • Drug Liabilities,
    • Pedestrian Accidents; and
    • Premises Liability

    If someone's careless actions have cause damage to you or a family member, call the attorneys at JT Legal Group immediately.


    Many policyholders often rely on their insurance providers in the event a car accident takes place. Unfortunately, these insurance providers aren’t always fair when it comes to granting a proper settlement. By having a trusted legal professional represent your matter, you may be receive more compensation then you may have initially gotten by filing alone.
          Depending on the parameters of your case, a Lawsuit Settlement can deliver any combination of the following:

          • Denial of Your Claim,
          • A Settlement Large Enough to Cover Your Injuries and Damages; and
          • Reimbursement of Any Medical and Miscellaneous Fees (associated with the accident)
        • There are many factors that come into play when considering your car accident options. One of the main reasons people are willing to seek litigation is because they were severely injured, at no fault of their own. If the other driver was acting in pure negligence, this may make the lawsuit an even worthier cause to seek justice.

    Unlike these major insurance companies, our firm is in business to defend the common goods’ interests. Our personal injury attorneys will not rest until the damaged party is taken care of.

    Our firm is at the forefront of this area of law, and at any given time we are actively prosecuting actions against negligent drivers in California -- and we take pride in our results.

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