Will My VA Benefits Be Affected by a Camp Lejeune Claim?

Will My VA Benefits Be Affected by a Camp Lejeune Claim?

In the 1950s, Camp Lejeune supplied water that contained several toxins, solvents and a substantial amount of benzene. In 1985 investigators examined the water and in 1987, the facility began to use a different water supply. The toxic chemicals affected many people who served at Camp Lejeune and countless victims experienced chronic fatigue, fevers, multiple types of infections and swollen lymph nodes. Some victims have also suffered from leukemia, and according to several reports, the chemicals could seriously weaken the immune system. Fortunately, the nation’s league of knowledgeable lawyers helped many clients who were affected by these chemicals. These trained veteran law specialists supported victims in receiving substantial compensation, recurring payments and large settlements from their experience at base. All which can be achieved by filing a Camp Lejeune claim.

Will a Camp Lejeune Claim Affect VA Benefits?

If a person makes a Camp Lejeune claim, the new claim will not influence benefits that are provided by the Veterans Administration. During 2022, the U.S. Congress created the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which is a statute will help many receive adequate compensation. The statute eliminated unnecessary stipulations that could affect the legal process. So, when victims make a claim, the statute will reduce legal barriers.

Examining Chemicals that May Adversely Affect Victims

In the 1980s, investigators examined several wells that were located at the base. These wells contained perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene and a substantial amount of benzene. These chemicals are known to cause dizziness, fatigue and confusion.

The team of investigators also found wells that had a high level of vinyl chloride, which is a substance that could substantially increase the risk of certain cancers. Vinyl chloride is a chemical that can help industrial facilities manufacture plastic products. Water should not contain vinyl chloride, and should someone drink the contaminated water, vinyl chloride may cause nausea. The chemical may also irritate the nose, the throat and the stomach. According to numerous reports, vinyl chloride may cause substantial inflammation, and if someone accidentally drinks the substance, the body may release extra cytokines. These inflammatory enzymes can increase inflammation, cause swelling and affect the immune system.

Once the experts inspected the wells, the investigators obtained a number of samples and sent them to various labs. The investigators also used a cutting-edge camera that allowed the them to photograph multiple pipes aligned with the water wells. According to several reports, some pipes had sediment that contained unnatural chemicals. Investigators also examined the valves, the auxiliary pipes and the groundwater.

Treating Patients with Connected Medical Conditions

Multiple reports have suggested that these toxins could weaken a patient’s immune system, and some patients experienced chronic infections, fatigue, fevers and nausea. If a person is suffering from a fever, the symptom can substantially reduce the patient’s appetite and eventually, the fever may lead to unexpected weight loss.
The contaminated water contained chemicals that cause swelling and several patients noticed that their lymph nodes were swollen. When a patient has an infection, the inflammation could substantially increase the sizes of the lymph nodes. The infection may increase tenderness and once the lymph nodes are swollen, they will quickly work to re-strengthen its immune system. If a patient has noticed swollen lymph nodes, such should visit a physician. By doing so, the doctor can determine the cause of the infection, suggest effective treatments and provide antibiotics.

Sometimes, the contaminants could substantially reduce a patient’s appetite. Consequently, many patients did not eat food that contained adequate nutrients. When a person does not have sufficient levels of vitamins, the deficiencies could weaken the immune system, affect the digestive system, cause fatigue and exacerbate inflammation.

Estimating the Costs of Medical Services

If a victim has experienced multiple symptoms, the veteran attorneys will evaluate reports that indicate the costs of medical care. These reports can describe several treatments, previous appointments and the benefits of physical therapy. The reports may also indicate the costs of multiple tests and sometimes, an insurance plan might not pay for certain tests. Moreover, trained Camp Lejeune Justice Act lawyers can examine reports that predict the costs of medical services in the future.

Reviewing Medical Reports

Once a physician examines a patient, the doctor can create medical reports that describe the symptoms, medical conditions, the costs of medical care and innovative treatments. The reports may also examine test results, which may help doctors determine the cause of a medical condition. After a doctor examines the test results, they will apply their medical knowledge and observations to suggest several treatments, effective medications and other tests, as needed.

Evaluating Lost Wages

If a patient has suffered from a medical condition, the symptoms might substantially reduce wages, and some patients were unable to work for more than 50 years. After a VA attorney examines a case, they can estimate the value of lost wages. The attorney may present evidence that will corroborate the patient’s claims, and the person could receive a settlement that will help the patient to recover lost wages.

Examining the Effects of Emotional Distress

When a person has experienced a medical condition, the symptoms may lead to emotional distress, causing some patients to experience anxiety, depression or emotional instability. The contaminated water also contained chemicals that can substantially reduce attentiveness, memory and critical thinking. Therefore, many patients temporarily became confused and sometimes, these symptoms can affect multiple relationships, regular routines and the overall well-being of these individuals.

Before an organization provides a settlement, experienced veteran attorneys can estimate the costs of emotional distress. If such an individual has suffered from emotional distress, the victim may be eligible to receive a larger settlement. For example, if such claimant has visited a psychiatrist, the legal representative may also review these reports that describe the symptoms, the benefits of certain treatments and the costs of such treatments.

Presenting Important Evidence

Veteran lawyers can gather evidence that will corroborate the claims of their clients and once they’ve submitted the proper evidence, the defendant might offer a larger settlement. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act has fully acknowledged that contaminated water can cause multiple medical conditions. The organization also recognized that Camp Lejeune contained contaminated water and investigators have identified the chemicals that were located in that water. This evidence can support the claims of the victims and lawyers can easily corroborate the important evidence. Therefore, the more proof provided, the bigger the chance of a larger settlement.

Creating Statutes That Can Protect Veterans

Once an individual makes a Camp Lejeune claim, such will continue to receive regular benefits. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act ensures that these claims will not affect regular benefits Additionally, the statute can protect the claimants, provide a legal framework and provide important resources.

The Congressional Budget Office examined the costs of these settlements and in return, the U.S. Congress has created a large fund that can help these victims obtain proper compensation for their damages and injuries incurred. During the next 10 years, these claimants may receive settlements that are worth more than $6.1 billion. If an individual would like to submit a claim, the individual must make the claim before the deadline of August 10, 2024. Such claimant can also contact an experienced Camp Lejeune attorney for an in-depth discussion of the legal process, multiple statutes, the effects of the contaminated water and the benefits of legal services.

Scheduling a Free Consultation

Since the 1950s, more than 1.4 million people may have drunk contaminated water at Camp Lejeune and most of these victims are still waiting for compensation. Before making a Camp Lejeune claim, an individual can contact JT Legal Group at (855) 559-1225. The experienced veteran attorneys may provide a free consultation, describe the legal process, review medical records, gather evidence and help achieve a large settlement.

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