Why Does Everyone Hate Prius Drivers?

Why Does Everyone Hate Prius Drivers?

The Toyota Prius has been a frequent target of criticism since it first debuted in 2000. As a general rule, those who own this vehicle are seen as bad drivers, hippies or otherwise a poor representation of the overall driving population. Let’s take a closer look at why this vehicle gets picked on by so many people and debunk some of the stereotypes about people who drive it.

The Prius Doesn’t Look Cool or Tough

As with most vehicles made by Toyota, the Prius is designed to be practical instead of to look cool. Its main selling point is that you get better fuel efficiency because it uses a battery instead of gas for power. Although it does use gas from time to time, the electric engine allows you to travel a greater distance before needing to stop at the gas pump. The 2022 version of this car gets up to 58 miles per gallon in the city and up to 53 miles per gallon on the highway.

In addition to using a battery, this car is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. Therefore, the car has a lot of lines and curves that seem to end abruptly or otherwise take away from the aesthetic value of this vehicle. Ultimately, the thing that looks weird will generally be the thing that gets picked on by those who value form over substance.

An Electrical Car May Not Be Better for the Environment

An electrical car will typically produce fewer emissions than one powered by a gasoline engine while traveling on the road. However, producing the battery that powers such a car produces a significant amount of pollution. Therefore, you may not necessarily be saving the environment by driving an electric vehicle. It’s also worth noting that the process of charging a car’s battery can also put pollutants into the air.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint to overlook this when making a purchasing decision. Although not typical of an average Prius driver, some may believe that they are superior to other car owners because they are driving something that they feel is better for the environment.

If you felt that you were being attacked by a group of people, you may grow resentful of their presence. It may also be easy to assume that everyone who is affiliated with that group held the views of those outspoken individuals. Over time, everyone who doesn’t drive an electric car or hybrid may feel that those who do are nothing more than hippies who simply want to lord their lifestyle over others.

Of course, the truth is that most people who drive the Toyota Prius don’t really care what other people do. Instead, they have purchased this vehicle because they feel that it is safe, gets good gas mileage and is a good value for their money.

Many People Assume Prius Owners are Bad Drivers

People who own this vehicle are often accused of driving in a manner that increases the risk of an accident. Interestingly, they are also accused of driving too slowly or cautiously, which may actually reduce the risk of getting into a motor vehicle crash.

Of course, the truth is that a car has no control over how well it is operated. If a person is a poor driver while operating a Toyota hybrid vehicle, he or she will be a bad driver while operating most other vehicles. In other words, it isn’t the Prius that is causing a person to drive under the speed limit while in the left lane of the highway.

Instead, the individual who makes a decision to drive too slow in the passing lane does so because he or she is already a poor motorist. Unfortunately, when other motorists think that Toyota Prius owners don’t care about others, they may believe that the annoying driver next to them is being rude intentionally. Therefore, if you happen to operate this type of vehicle, don’t be surprised if others try to take their frustrations out on you instead of finding other ways to redirect their negative energy.

Don’t Knock It Before You Try It

It’s not unusual for people to actually enjoy owning a Toyota Prius regardless of their opinions about this vehicle before acquiring one. In most cases, this is because those who drive it eventually learn to appreciate why they are driven so slowly on roads and highways. For the most part, this is because the vehicle gets maximum gas mileage when driven at 55 miles per hour or slower.

This is because it doesn’t have to rely on the gas engine as much, and this is also true when the vehicle is allowed to glide at a consistent speed. While accelerating or braking, the part of the engine that is powered with gas must activate to ensure that the car can move properly. However, when driven at a consistent speed, the car can simply glide, which means that the battery doesn’t need help to keep it moving. In addition to better fuel efficiency, traveling at speeds of 55 miles per hour or less can actually make for a more comfortable ride.

No one can tell you that you’re right or wrong for feeling a certain way about the Toyota Prius. However, it’s generally not the vehicle’s fault that it was involved in a collision because it was being operated improperly. If you are a party to a crash involving this type of vehicle, it may be a good idea to contact an attorney as you may be entitled to compensation.

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