Don’t Feel Bad About Filing a PI Claim

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad Pursuing A Personal Injury Claim

It seems odd that today there are still some people reluctant to pursue a personal injury claim even though they have every right to do so. Whether they have been injured in a car accident or their property was damaged by another party’s fault, they still feel sheepish about asking for compensation and, god forbid, getting a personal injury attorney involved. And while this is an admirable and sensible thing to do, it certainly can’t be described as a smart thing to do.

Why? Because in this scenario, everyone’s a winner but you. The guilty party walks away free to, perhaps, repeat their careless behavior, the insurance companies are rubbing their hands in satisfaction for not having to give up their money and you…you are left with an injury or trauma, an enormous medical bills or property reparation bills, and soon, the fact that you ‘’ didn’t make a fuss’’ seems to bring more trouble than it’s worth.

On the other end of the spectrum we have people who think that they can pursue a personal injury claim by themselves. While we have to congratulate them on their undiluted courage, we can’t help but wonder if they fully understand what they’re getting themselves into. If you fall into this category, please heed our advice and seriously consider hiring a lawyer to work on your case. Perhaps there are some cases that you could handle, but there are many different personal injury cases and they all have different rules and regulations that you must follow if you want a positive outcome.

Sometimes you don’t even have an obvious guilty party you could hold liable for your injuries.

Did you know that 58% of all police-reported car accidents are the ones involving only one vehicle?

You wouldn’t want to handle this type of case by yourselves if you knew that in these types of car accidents the fault almost always falls to the driver i.e. you. Leave this to the personal injury attorney, as they have spent years of studying and training and they know how to work with tricky and high-demanding injury cases such as this.

58 percent of all police reported car accidents are the ones involving only one vehicle

If your accident left you with a serious injury, you might not have any choice but to hire a top auto accident attorney in Los Angeles and that would probably be the silver lining in this story. If not, there are still many reasons for you to decide to leave your claim to the professional. Here are more reasons why you should definitely peruse a personal injury claim and have an attorney on board to assist you:


1. A lawyer is objective

Sometimes, being in pain can make us irrational and angry. And while it’s normal to be out for blood and ask for more than you’re due, a lawyer will be there to offer an objective look on the matter and dissuade you from acting rashly and compromising your case with your behavior.

2. A Lawyer is an excellent listener

Actually they are ranked among the top 10 active listeners professions, just a few places below Judges. And as such they will take into consideration your goals and objectives when working on your personal injury claim. They will do everything in their power to have the law working in your favor, instead of adjusting your wishes to the law.

3. Perusing your injury claim with a lawyer can save you time

And we are talking about a lot of time! If you hire a lawyer, you don’t have to research the Law, or the insurance companies, there is no hassle with getting your medical bills or contacting the insurance adjusters. You can sit back and relax knowing you have a professional, educated on this matter for years, working on this and building the necessary documentation for your claim.

4. A lawyer knows the right people

By working with them for years, lawyers have established their own network of investigators who can help with gathering the evidence for your claim. So in a way, along with the lawyer you sometimes get a whole team of people working for your benefit.

5. A lawyer doesn’t take your money if they lose

Really, they don’t. For most of them, you have no obligation to pay a dime if they lose. But if they win the case, they often require one-third of the settlement amount. Which shouldn’t be a problem since the amount of settlement is so much higher when you are represented by a lawyer, than when you’re not.

6. A lawyer is with you every step of the way

More often than not, the insurance adjuster will offer you a miserable and unfair settlement. In this case, your personal injury lawyer is a mediator between you and an adjuster, and, if needed, can take the case all the way to trial in an attempt to get the settlement you deserve.

7. A lawyer knows who’s on the other side

Another lawyer, that’s who. And your lawyer knows the way they think and all the ways they will try to discredit you and your case. Only if you have a lawyer you have a chance of evading all of the booby traps the opposing side lawyer will set out for you.

8. A lawyer is penicillin for an insurance adjuster

“Fair warning”– if you are determined to call the insurance adjuster by yourselves, be prepared to be chewed up alive. An adjuster is a person that handles your insurance claim, and consequently relevant to your personal injury case. Their job is to investigate your case under a microscope and search for any irregularity in hopes of shutting you down by saying ‘’claim denied’’.

If you don’t get denied, what follows is way worse because the adjuster will try to negotiate with you for an insultingly small amount of money. This is nothing personal; after all, it is in their job description to prevent the insurance company from losing large amounts of money.

Since they tend to be a bit rude and harsh toward civilians, the best cure for them is to send them a lawyer. A lawyer knows the insurance companies policies and is immune to an adjuster’s negotiations tactics. He knows exactly how much you should get and is willing to enter a battle of wills with the adjuster to make that happen.

At the end of the day, hiring a personal injury lawyer saves you time, nerves and money as well. By getting a professional to work on your case, you can focus on your recovery, knowing that you are in good hands- a personal injury attorney’s hands, who spend years studying and practicing the Law, that ever-changing nine-headed-beast that only lawyers know how to tame.


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