Improperly Installed French Doors Result in Mold Damage for Chula Vista Homeowners

A recent example from Chula Vista shows the dangers that mold damage can cause to Southern California homes and residents when not timely addressed. A retired Chula Vista NCIS investigator learned the hard way the toll that water and dampness can take on the inside of a home in warm Southern California. According to a report from a Channel 10 news investigation, the homeowner decided to buy French doors to replace the sliding glass door to her back patio. When the doors were installed by a contractor, there was a gap between the bottom of the doors and the patio. During Southern California’s recent spate of heavy rainstorms, water began puddling on the hardwood floor inside her french doors. By late March, the homeowner had discovered black mold growing along the top of the baseboard and into the drywall adjacent to the French doors. The mold had previously been hidden by a play table utilized by the homeowner’s 3-year-old grandson. After several rounds of complaints to the company which had installed the French doors, Pacific Homeworks, that resulted in either no response or incomplete or inadequate repairs, the homeowner contacted News 10 and was eventually refunded the entire $5,000 the homeowner had paid for installation of the doors. In addition, the French doors were replaced entirely.

Toxic Mold Damage due to Water Intrusion

Mold and its Disastrous Effects on Both a Home and Its Occupants

Mold is caused when moisture accumulates indoors and then is exposed to high humidity. After water damage occurs to a building from water intrusion during a rainstorm or flooding, mold grows in walls and then becomes dormant until a period of subsequent high humidity; suitable conditions reactivate mold. Mold is detectable by smell and signs of water damage on walls or ceiling, and can grow in places invisible to the human eye. Not only can mold damage destroy the interior of a home and require costly repairs such as the need to rip out walls, reinstall drywall or other costly repairs and renovations.

Even more seriously than the physical damage to the home that can be caused by mold growth, the growth of mold can cause serious health consequences for those who have mold in their homes. This is particularly true for black mold. Mold spores can cause such health conditions or symptoms such as difficulties breathing or exacerbation of existing breathing conditions like asthma, congestion in the nose and throat, skin irritation or rash formation, headaches, and eye irritation. In the example of the article cited above, the truly scary thought is that not only the homeowner was being exposed to these potential health hazards, but her 3 year old grandson was being exposed to the same toxic mold.


If Your Southern California Home is Besieged by Mold, Contact the Experienced Property Damage Attorneys at JT Legal Group in Los Angeles

Mold damage can be a scourge to homeowners who experience its formation as a result of flooding from heavy rainstorms, faulty workmanship by a contractor or a number of other reasons. However, mold damage will often by covered by a homeowner’s policy or a homeowner or tenant may have other recourse under California law to ensure that any remediation or repair work that is recovered is paid for by the homeowner’s insurer or the responsible party rather than the homeowner or tenant whose property is infested with molds. The property damage attorneys at JT Legal Group have succeeded in recovered millions of dollars for our clients who have experienced mold damage to their homes as a result of water intrusion or other problems. If you live in Southern California and have experienced mold damage to your home or property, contact the experienced mold damage attorneys at JT Legal Group today at [email protected] or 888.529.3111 to discuss your particular situation and your options to have this problem rectified.

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