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Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories
and knowledge to solve specific problems.

My experience at JT Legal Group has been fantastic.

Mr. Bertet's Burglary

They explained how everything works & provided follow up calls whenever information was needed!


A perfect experience with this company. They were like family... My family!


All the lawyers at JT Legal Group have awesome tenacity and a great work ethic!

JT Legal Group

Recent Reviews From Real Customers

Erik KG

It's not everyday you hear about the type of accident I had. My family was at a loss with how to pay for certain medical bills that my insurance wouldnt cover but that's all being sorted out now finally thanks to this legal team.


David Thompson

My family got a world class service from the legal team that jt legal has and we couldn't be more thankful


Kylie Ranzi

JTL was recommended from a colleague after they heard about my accident and I'm glad they did. Had a very personalized service and although my case took quite some time, I did eventually reach resolution.


Aaron N

Got the job done and I am satisfied


River Walks

This was a good experience using JT from start to finish. At least have the free consultation with them.


Kyle Francis

Happy to leave this review for this firm. My case was pretty cut and dry but after consulting with a few firms I chose to use jt and I'm glad I did. Everything was sorted out and handled professional as it should be.


Bryce Muto

Felt like I was diligently listened to finally and now am starting the process but so far I've really had a 5 star experience


J Baker

Nothing but good things to say about my experience with jtl


Tony Berardino

Anahit did a wonderful job on my accident case. Very pleased with the process.


Cynthia Marruffo

They worked with me and the collection agency at this moment to fix this problem Melissa lead of negotiations we talked to two different ppl on the collection office Melissa handed it right resolutions still at work but she made me feel comfortable with this issue.


Melissa Perez

Jackie did a wonderful job getting things handled and without her we would have still been fighting to get our case settled. We are so pleased that finally we have found good service and follow thru. Jackie is the first person who has done what she said she would do and meant it.


Donald Grey

I was hit by a bus changing lanes. JT Legal Group was able to help me get a substantial settlement. Highly recommend.


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