Getting Fair and Adequate Compensation after A Pipe Bursts

One of the most common plumbing problems a person can experience is a burst water pipe. This can result from pipe damage, misuse, or age. The pipes within a structure are under a significant amount of pressure. Any type of fault within a piping system will become apparent over time and can lead to a breakdown. Depending on the situation, a burst pipe can be dramatic as well as devastating. It could result in property damage, force people out of their homes for several of days and more. A pipe burst attorney can help when it comes to getting compensation when such damage occurs.

Population Boom

Pipes bursting in homes is something that has happened since the beginning of modern plumbing. It seems they are more common since there has been such an increase in population and cities are often overcrowded. Many different types of plumbing systems have been integrated. Modern plumbing systems have been connected to older systems. It’s possible to have waste disposals, garden features, boilers and more all connected into a mixture of old and new piping. The amount of cost to repair damage after a pipe bursts is a serious concern. It is possible a homeowner may need the help of a water damage law firm when submitting a claim to their insurance company.


There are certain things a person can do to prevent a pipe from bursting in their home. If they live in cold areas, heat tape or heat cables are a good thing to wrap around pipes. Installing the best possible insulation as well as having an emergency pressure release valve is important. Prior to the cold months arriving, the pipes leading to an outside faucet should be drained and hoses disconnected. The best possible prevention is having a licensed contractor examine a home’s piping system for any wear and tear as well as damage.

Water Loss

Should a pipe burst in the floor or ceiling of a home, it may be some time before it is noticeable. At first, a bulge will appear before huge amounts of water overwhelms a house. The potential amount of water to be lost could be as much as 100 gallons a day. Should a pipe burst in a home when a family is gone, it’s possible over 2,000 gallons could fill a house over a short period of time.

Step 1: Water Shut-off

When a pipe bursts, there are certain things that need to be done. The water in the home needs to be immediately turned off. It’s important to know the location of a home’s water shut-off valve. It is often located outside of a house. It could be a ball valve or a gate valve. Both need to be turned clockwise to turn off the water. To verify the water is off, it’s important to locate the outside faucet. It should be next to the water shut-off valve. Turn on the outside faucet. If water goes to a trickle and stops, the water in the house has been successfully shut off. It’s important to record this being done and share it with a pipe burst attorney. It could help when seeking fair compensation from an insurance company.

Step 2: Photograph Damages

After the water is successfully shut off, the next step would be to photograph the damages. These photos will be a record for when you speak with either your attorney or insurance company when giving claim information.

Step 3: Insurance or Attorney

When a person experiences damage in their home from a broken pipe, they need to carefully consider the offer made to them by their insurance company. Settlements provided by insurance companies are initially very low. They will try to pay the least amount possible. Unless someone is experienced in dealing with insurance companies regarding claim issues, they may settle for much less than what their claim is worth. A homeowner may want to consult with a Los Angeles insurance attorney. They will have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the settlement a homeowner deserves.

Negotiating A Claim

It is common for a person to need the help of California Property Damage Attorney when it comes to negotiating their insurance settlement. The insurance company will have attorneys to handle their side of the negotiations and people should want a Los Angeles insurance claim lawyer representing them. They will know the laws covering claims and how the insurance company can be made to pay a fair settlement.

Water Company

A property damage law firm will be able to let a homeowner know if they can successfully sue the water company for damage. They are identified as a government-run public utility, but may not be covered by government immunity. A person may have a case if damage to their home is a direct result of flooding from a main or a water company pipe bursting. Damage can also be caused by water unintentionally escaping an outdoor storage tank and more. Should this happen, a Los Angeles insurance claim lawyer can help. There are laws designed to protect a person in this situation. A Los Angeles insurance claim lawyer can help recover any lost work, property damage as well as lost home equity and more.

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