Insurance Refuses to Pay for Water Damage

What Should You Do If Your Insurance Company Rejects to Pay for Water Damage?

Most homeowners are long-time, dedicated policyholders. Imagine being in your home for years and years, paying a residual fee every month for insurance, and then you suddenly realize your well-deserved claim is denied. Not only are you left with a severely water-damaged home, but you are left second-guessing your long-time partnership with your insurance company. After all, what do years and years of payments even amount to?

Most policyholders who had the unfortunate mishap of having their claim denied endured the following types of damage:

  • ► Leaking, Damaged Roof
  • ► Cracked or Frozen Pipes
  • ► Broken Washing Machine Hose
  • ► Clogged or Leaking Air-Conditioning Systems
  • ► Overflow of Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets
  • ► Leaking Drains and Shower Pans
  • ► Sudden Floods
  • ► Heavy Rainstorms

If your home had a sudden water damage and an unaccommodating insurance company, the first thing every homeowner should do is document the scene and properly maintain the area to his best ability. What every policyholder should understand is that all insurance companies are still businesses. Moreover, they won’t give up their money if they don’t absolutely have to. This includes clearing the area of any possessions that may be destroyed within contact of the damaged area. Document any and all valuables that have been lost due to the damage, the amount of damage, the duration of the damage, and other important factors. It’s best to document all the available elements just in case the insurance asks for evidence or if any legal expert needs references.

Using External Contractors

Should your insurance company ever be unwilling to accommodate you with a plumber, mechanic, or any expert maintenance repair to fix your property’s foundation, consider shopping around for outside contractors. If you are able to supply an outside provider out of pocket, be sure to keep all receipts and paperwork that document the extensive number of repairs and costs. Negotiating with insurance adjusters isn’t exactly every policyholder’s cup of tea. When trying to discuss where your claim may have gone wrong, also evaluate the adjuster’s notes. If he / she is giving you unclear explanations, you may want to ask the following:

  • ► Is there any written form of law that clearly states I am not entitled to compensation?
  • ► Is the damage even covered under my policy?
  • ► Did I file my claim with all the corresponding documents and information?
  • ► Did I file my claim in a timely matter?
  • ► Am I even current on my insurance premiums?

Nothing can really compare to the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own home. If you are not the type to negotiate or investigate deeply into the claim, it may be best to consider talking to an experienced Property Damage Attorney. With a no cost consultation, you’ll be able to have all your questions answered. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to advise you of how to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve to repair your water-damaged home. An attorney can even suggest their trusted contractors to begin working on the repairs as well. Instead of negotiating on your own, have a team of well-experienced lawyers fight for your rightfully earned compensation. Our attorneys will defend your best interests and make sure you don’t settle for less, because you’re worth more.


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