How Long Does It Take To Settle A Fire Claim?

Fire Claim Process: How Long Does It Take To Settle A Fire Claim?

Once you submit a fire insurance claim, the insurance company can evaluate the cause of the fire, the costs of repairs, the value of your property and the condition of the home. If you hire a property damage attorney, the expert could examine your insurance claim, and the lawyer may review reports that describe the fire, the burn pattern, and the damaged property. The attorney can also estimate unforeseen expenses, increase the values of numerous settlements, offer valuable evidence, and provide detailed documents.

Evaluating the Duration of the Process

After you create an insurance claim, an insurance company must recognize the new claim within 15 days. Subsequently, the insurance company could approve your insurance claim within 40 days, or the business may deny the new claim. Once the company accepts the insurance claim, the business must reimburse you within 30 days.

If an insurance company denies your claim, an experienced attorney could help you to reopen your claim. The attorney can provide additional documents, numerous types of evidence and written estimates. Subsequently, an insurance company may approve the insurance claim, increase the compensation, or request additional information.

Creating a Report and Estimating the Values of Many Items

Typically, the homeowner should provide a detailed report that describes the California fire damage, and the resident could examine valuable belongings that were located in the house. The homeowner may describe furniture, jewelry, clothes, expensive electronics and valuable products. Subsequently, a property damage attorney could estimate the value of each item, and after the insurance company approves the claim, the insurance company should fully reimburse the homeowner.

Examining the Cause of the Fire

The insurance company may request documents that evaluate the cause of the fire, and you could also provide pictures that show the damaged home, the burn pattern and the damaged items. The insurance company may also contact the witnesses who observed the residential fire.

In California, many wildfires have damaged thousands of houses, and the wildfires have also affected innumerable animals, large forests and the local infrastructure. If a wildfire caused California property damage, an insurance company can quickly evaluate the size of the wildfire, the location of the fire and the origin of the fire. The insurance company may also examine the weather conditions in the local area, and typically, dry weather could substantially increase the risk of wildfires, worsen the California fire damage, and augment the size of a wildfire.

During the last 10 years, thousands of arsonists created serious fires that damaged houses, industrial buildings, and valuable items. After an arsonist starts a fire, the insurance company may request a police report, and the detailed report could evaluate the origin of the fire, the location of the fire, numerous types of accelerants and the burn pattern. The insurance adjuster will thoroughly examine the police report, and subsequently, the insurance company could approve the insurance claim, evaluate the costs of repairs, and reimburse the homeowner.

Sometimes, an attorney may contact witnesses who observed the fire, and the witnesses could provide detailed statements, describe the fire and offer additional evidence. The lawyer could also call the firefighters who evaluated the damaged home. The experienced firefighters can describe the interior of the house, the burn pattern, the size of the fire and the temperature of the fire.

Inspecting the Property

Usually, a residential fire can seriously damage the walls, the roof, the structural beams, and the doors. After the fire has damaged the home, soot could accumulate in the house, and if a person breathes the soot, the airborne dust can affect the respiratory system, cause chronic inflammation, damage the alveoli, and increase the risk of asthma. Once a person enters a damaged home, the individual should wear a durable mask that can protect the respiratory system.

Sometimes, an insurance company could hire an experienced inspector who can evaluate the damaged house, and the expert will examine the interior of the home, the damaged belongings, the exterior of the home and the basement. The specialist can also inspect the attic, the roof and the walls. Moreover, the inspector may evaluate flammable materials that could worsen the fire, and the expert can also examine smoke detectors, the efficiency of the firefighters and the overall heat of the fire.

Subsequently, the inspector could create a detailed report, and once the insurance company receives the report, the business can evaluate the severity of the fire, examine California property damage and determine the value of the home. If you hire a California attorney, the lawyer could view the report, and you can verify the accuracy of each statement, evaluate the opinions of the inspector and provide additional evidence.

Estimating the Costs of Repairs

While a contractor inspects the damaged house, the expert could create a detailed estimate, and the specialist may indicate the prices of new materials, the costs of labor and the prices of necessary equipment. Before the contractor repairs the house, the expert could also estimate the duration of the project. Once a company provides a written estimate, an insurance company could quickly approve the fire insurance claim. Alternatively, the business may contact another contractor who can provide a new estimate.

Reducing the Damage and Protecting Your Home

After a fire has damaged your house, you can hire an expert who could prevent additional damage. The specialist may remove smoldering materials, and the expert can install a fence that will protect the damaged home. If the roof has sustained damage, the specialist could also place tarpaulin on the roof. The tarpaulin will protect the shingles, the felt, the wooden boards and the structural beams.

Evaluating Numerous Types of Expenses

Typically, a minor fire can substantially reduce the habitability of a home, and once a fire has damaged a house, the homeowners could rent a room at a local motel. Alternatively, the residents could rent another home, yet the monthly rent may exceed $1,200. The residents should carefully evaluate the monthly rent, the price of a motel room and additional expenses. Once an insurance company approves a fire insurance claim, the business can examine the unforeseen expenses, and subsequently, the insurance company must fully reimburse the homeowner.

Managing Your Insurance Claim

After a fire has damaged your house, you should submit an insurance claim within 24 hours, and the insurance adjuster could ask important questions, request numerous types of documents, estimate the duration of the process and describe multiple types of regulations. While the insurance company is processing your claim, you could contact the business anytime. The insurance company can indicate the status of your insurance claim, provide important updates and request additional information.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney and Receiving an Insurance Settlement

Once you contact a property damage attorney, the expert can thoroughly evaluate your insurance claim, the property damage, the costs of repairs and the value of the home. The specialist could also examine several reports that describe the fire, and the California attorney may estimate the values of damaged items. Subsequently, the expert could contact the insurance company, provide detailed reports and increase the value of your settlement.

If an insurance company has denied your insurance claim, the attorney could encourage the insurance company to reopen the claim. The lawyer can describe local regulations, numerous types of expenses, the property damage and the cause of the fire. The experienced attorney may also gather new evidence, and once an insurance company receives additional evidence, the business could quickly reopen the insurance claim. Typically, the insurance company will fully reimburse the homeowner within 85 days.

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