Truck Accidents

If you were involved in a truck accident, you have suffered damages. Most likely, you have serious injuries. Trucks are much larger and heavier than the traditional passenger vehicle. When a trucking accident occurs, the likelihood of the loss of life and more severe injuries increase greatly. A trucking accident is a traumatic experience, and you might find yourself going through a challenging time. 

We are here to help people like you – victims of trucking accidents. We will fight to protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly. We will work to ensure you are compensated so you can cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the crash. You and your family are our priorities and we will fight to take on the big truck companies to make sure you are treated fairly. 

If you have been hurt in a truck crash,  you aren’t alone. In 2017, there were 27,982 truck crashes that led to 359 fatalities and 9,694 injuries. There are several causes of trucking accidents, but according to reports, 26 percent of truck crashes are attributed to prescription drug use, 23 percent are blamed on speeding, and 13 percent are caused by fatigue. Alcohol and illegal drug use also play a role in the number of semi crashes.

Mechanical problems can also contribute to truck accidents. Tires are the leading mechanical contributor to accidents involving big trucks. More than 1,000 trucking crashes occur along I-10 and I-5 in California every year. Los Angeles County is considered the most dangerous county in California when it comes to truck accidents with fatalities and injuries with 2,691 such crashes reported during 2017.

What To Do If You Are in A Glendale Truck Crash

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck, make sure the police are called so an accident report can be filed. If you are physically able to do so, take photos of the accident scene and of the damages. You should establish medical care right away. If injuries are serious, call an ambulance. You will need to maintain medical records and medical bills to use as evidence for your personal injury claim.

Being involved in a truck crash is stressful. You may have medical appointments, mounting medical bills, missed work and lost wages, and mental anguish. You and your family don’t have to face this without help. Our team will help you every step of the way through the personal injury claims process, so you can recover compensation for your damages. The compensation will help cover your medical bills and your lost wages as well as the other damages that you suffered.

You will want to make sure all your damages are claimed when your personal injury claim is filed. Here are a few of the damages that we have helped clients recover compensation for after truck accidents:

medical expenses
lost wages
pain and suffering
property damages
mental anguish
permanent scarring and disfigurement
loss of enjoyment of life
loss of consortium

Don’t try to face this difficult time alone. Instead, get the help of a skilled accident injury attorney who will fight for your legal rights.

In addition to your past expenses, any future losses that will result from the crash should also be considered. These losses may include future medical expenses and the future loss of earnings that serious injuries may cause. You want to work with a lawyer who will take everything into consideration and work to see that all your losses are covered. 

Our goal is to ensure that truck accident victims throughout California are treated fairly and get the representation that they need and deserve during a trying time. We put you – the accident victim – first, ensuring that you and your family get the attention that you deserve and have access to quality medical care during this trying time.

To ensure your personal injury claim after a trucking accident gets on the right track, call our office for a free initial consultation. One of our Glendale personal injury lawyers will determine the best way to proceed with your claim and will diligently work to protect your rights.