$250,000 Recovered From Highway Collision

August 2022: Sunnyvale, CA. JT Legal Group, a personal injury law firm, has successfully secured a $250,000 settlement for a rear-end collision.

The litigation arose out of a collision which occurred on January 16th, 2020 in Sunnyvale, CA. The client was driving on a rainy morning on her way to work when she was suddenly rear-ended by the defendant who was speeding and failed to stop in time. The impact of the collision was with such force it caused her vehicle to spin out of control until it came to a stop.

The client was transported to the hospital due to her pain in her back, legs, and ankles. Fortunately she did not sustain major injuries and was referred to physical therapy for her neck and lower back. She also suffered anxiety due to the accident and went to counseling to help her cope with her fear of driving. 

After an auto accident you may walk away with no long lasting physical harm, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. Sometimes after an accident you may experience depression, flashbacks, fear of driving again, and general anxiety. You may experience symptoms without realizing they are a result of your auto accident.

JT Legal Group and its attorneys have a strong team of healthcare providers they work with to assist getting your life back on track. Accidents may cause a strain on one’s life both physically and emotionally that is why JT Legal Group’s attorneys make sure they support their clients through every step of the way.

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