JT Legal Group Secures $475,000

Los Angeles, CA. 28, February 2022: JT Legal Group, APC, concentrating on serious personal injury cases, recently settled $475,000 on a rear-end collision.

The rear-end incident occurred at 10:30 a.m where our client was on his way to work; at a retail store. Our client was at a complete stop on Alameda St. when he was abruptly rear-ended by a semi-truck. The force from the impact caused our client’s body to severely jolt in back and forth. Our client felt pain immediately in his back and had to be examined right away.

The accident our client went through impacted his mobility, and his ability to perform activities of daily living. Normal day-to-day chores could not be done without significant pain. Since he worked in retail, he was required to be on his feet more than 8 hours a day, which eventually became an issue.

The injuries he endured from the accident were significant. The diagnostic (X-Ray/MRI) findings in his lumbar spine revealed major issues with the discs in his spine impacting the nerves. This resulted in a doctor recommending a laminectomy surgery. After his surgery, he was required to take time off work to recover. Missing time off work resulted in significant loss of wages.

The time for recovery after surgery depends on the type of surgery and the person getting the surgery. Recovery after a laminectomy depends on the extent of the surgery, general health, any underlying medical conditions, the number of segments treated and the individual’s condition after the surgery. Generally, for a person who is in overall good health, it may take six to eight weeks for the back pain to diminish. Sometimes the pain does not go away entirely, but the pain is not as unbearable as it was prior to the surgery.

The attorneys at JT Legal Group understand that every client is different. The attorneys understand how to represent you by obtaining appropriate facts, the importance of proper care after being involved in an accident. JT Legal Group designates hours on educating their employees on the different types of surgeries and injuries clients may endure after an accident and how they can assist getting the proper treatment for them.



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