Marlene Rodriguez

Marlene Rodriguez is part of our Client Relations Department. Her job is to make people feel at ease while discussing what otherwise could be a very traumatic & stressful situation while she gets as much crucial information as possible to get their case ready for the attorneys. Marlene went to beauty school and worked as a cosmetologist for 5 years, and while she didn’t continue pursuing the beauty industry it really helped her expand her people skills. Marlene sees herself as an immensely compassionate person, she genuinely enjoys helping others as well as making others feel accepted as who they are. Marlene is a passionate environmentalist who enjoys rock climbing, high mountain summits & camping whenever possible. In her free time, she volunteers to lead and set up events for non-profits specializing in earth conservation efforts and helping local communities thrive. Overall, Marlene has a love for nature, music, art, getting to know people, and learning new things. Her future plans are to hopefully be able to stay and see what areas she can grow in with JT Legal Group.

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