Marina Keshishian is our legal intern here at JT Legal Group. Marina is a very dedicated and energetic student with demonstrated experience in leadership and effective communication.
Currently, she is in a high school homeschool program where she maintains high grades which allows her to finish high school in 2.5 years rather than 4. She maintains great relationships with her teachers and is involved in numerous school activities; such as organizing events for the school’s benefit, helping teachers organize field trips, and playing a major role in the Student Council, which helped her achieve the advantage of being the School Cite Councils president of several homeschooling programs in California.

Marina recently started a Debate Team with students to hold tournaments and help shape a good image for the younger homeschooled generation that may want to pursue something in law. Marina is also in a Dual Enrollment program which allows her to take several college classes and help her gain the college experience to gain grades that are transferable to universities she hopes to go to after high school. She has finished Introduction to Business and Administration of Justice college classes with a 4.0 GPA. When she had the chance, she got involved in several certified courses to take. She earned a certificate in Credit Learning and Cleaning and Digital Marketing.

Marina’s plans are to enroll into law school after university in hopes to become a Corporate Lawyer and Investor. Marina began working with JT Legal Group to gain knowledge, and overall legal experience. She has developed great knowledge of what the legal processes are by assisting attorneys with their tasks. Her tasks mainly consist of confirming
demands and medpays from Insurance Companies. In her free time, Marina goes to her Latin dance and piano classes. Marina enjoys working out, cooking, shopping and going out with friends and family.

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