Liza Cabrera

Director Of Client Relations

Liza is the Director of Client Relations. She supervises the team at JT Legal Group, as well as supports the office with managerial duties. Liza joined the team as a Legal Assistant in 2015 and was promoted to Client Relations Manager shortly after being hired. She is bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish. Liza has over 15 years of customer service experience, 6 of these years having spent building client relationships for law firms in Los Angeles. Lizas highest priority is helping her clients achieve justice. Lizas future plan is to help JT Legal Group open internationally.

Prior to joining the Legal Team, Liza went to nursing school and graduated as a Medical assistant, phlebotomist and later LVN from CCI.

When Liza is not in the office, or speaking with law firms building relationships, she loves to spend her free time with her loved ones. She enjoys cooking, meditating, playing with her dogs, and finding new places to eat at.

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