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John Ryan is an attorney practicing consumer bankruptcy, personal injury, and real estate law in
Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada. He is a zealous advocate for his clients in the Southern Nevada
communities of Las Vegas and Henderson.

John became interested in practicing bankruptcy law after witnessing the impact that the “great
recession” had on residents of Las Vegas/Henderson. Seeing the devastation that the downturn
had on the local and national economy, Attorney Ryan jumped in to assist Las Vegas residents
threatened with losing their homes.

This trial by fire exposed John to the various tools available to consumers using the United States
Bankruptcy Code, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. By leveraging these powerful tools, this
enabled Attorney Ryan the opportunity to assist Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 clients to eliminate their
debt and stop wage garnishments.

The Great Recession also provided Attorney Ryan with an opportunity to assist clients with
obtaining loan modifications for their principal residences. Eager to assist those who were in dire
need of help, Attorney Ryan completed the District of Nevada’s Mortgage Modification
Mediation (“MMM”) program. Although banks were generally reluctant to grant struggling
homeowners with loan modifications when the program began, Attorney Ryan persevered and
successfully negotiated and modified terms on behalf of his clients.

In addition to consumer bankruptcy, John also practices personal injury, protecting the rights of
individuals throughout Las Vegas/Henderson. Attorney Ryan represents locals and visitors alike
that are injured through no fault of their own.

As a long-time resident of Las Vegas/Henderson, Attorney Ryan also represents individuals with
real estate matters, including Homeowner Association (“HOA”) disputes and landlord-tenant
matters. Attorney Ryan also assists contractors in disputes with the Nevada State Contractor’s
Board and Nevada Real Estate Brokers in disputes with the Nevada Division of Real Estate.

In his spare time, John loves to travel and spend time with his family. An avid mountain bicyclist
and runner, John loves to spend time outdoors enjoying Southern Nevada and the neighboring
states. John grew up in Illinois and is a fan of Chicago athletic teams, although that can be a
challenge at times. After later moving to California, John attended college in San Diego before
relocating to the Las Vegas area.

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