Esperanza Sanchez

Esperanza Sanchez is the Accounting Assistant Manager at JT Legal Group. She is responsible for issuing settlement checks to our clients along with satisfying the outstanding balances to all the doctors’ offices involved in healing our clients. Prior to joining the JT Legal Group family, Esperanza worked with a Tax Law Firm managing the daily tasks involved with the Bookkeeping and Payroll departments for seven years. The skills and experience from this position allowed her to enhance her knowledge for her current position. Esperanza enjoys being part of the accounting department and issuing the settlement balances to our clients watching the cases close multiple a day. Outside of her professional life, Esperanza spends her free time with her family which includes two beautiful girls, her partner, parents, two dogs, two turtles, a guinea pig, and fish. Using her dedication, loyalty, and deep focus attitude Esperanza is looking forward to closing more personal injury cases with the JT Legal Group Family.

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