Accident Reflects the Dangers of Such Parks

A worker at the Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina recently severed his hand while he was working at the park according to a report from a local Charlotte media outlet.  In a statement, the park said that the worker was inspecting a ride when he was injured.  Fire department personnel that responded to the incident told local media that the worker’s hand was caught and then severed by a pulley when he was working near the top of the 301 foot Windseeker ride.  While this incident happened in North Carolina, it could just as easily have happened in California. Indeed, such incidents are far more common in California considering how much larger the Golden State is and how many amusement parks are present in the state.

An April 2018 SF Gate report reflects that most amusement park injuries occur in the form of minor cuts and bruises, but there are patrons who also suffer far more serious injuries.  A few people suffer broken bones – mostly to extremities like hands and feet. Sprained ankles and knees are also fairly common, as are chipped teeth. According to statistics from the CAL/OSHA Amusement Ride and Tramway Unit, which regulates amusement parks in California, three people have died at California amusement parks between 2011 and 2016, all of which were drownings that occurred at water parks in the Golden State.  According to a 2015 study from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which regulates amusement parks at the federal level, there were an estimated 113,272 emergency department-treated injuries associated with inflatable amusements in the years 2003-2013, including 12 deaths.

California Amusement Park Injuries: Far More Common Than You Would Think

Amusement park injuries are far more common than most people realize, as can be seen from the statistics reflected above.  This is particularly true in California. California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States for visitors from all over the entire world.  This is due to California’s beautiful weather, its long history as the world’s entertainment capital, and its many attractions, including its many amusement parks.

Among the attractions that bring thousands of visitors to California each year, there are countless theme parks and amusement parks scattered throughout the length and breadth of the state of California, with a large concentration of those parks in Southern California. Many of these parks offer thrilling rides that can be great fun as well and safe for park patrons.  However, there are often serious safety risks that accompany visits to amusement parks that many California residents or visitors to California may not be aware of when visiting these parks and riding these attractions. These can be especially great depending on how seriously the particular park and its owners and management take park visitor safety. Some parks and their owners and operators simply do not put the resources into safety and risk prevention that they should.  Consequently, visitors end up bearing the brunt of this problem through accidents and injuries when a park fails to properly vet the safety of its rides or invest in continued upkeep of its equipment and monitoring and training for its staff. In addition, some parks also offer rides and attractions that have not been comprehensively checked for their safety before they were put into use.

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