Baby Killed In a DUI Accident

A multi-vehicle collision led to the death of an infant on Wednesday night, August 25th in Paramount.

The deadly crash was reported at about 10 p.m. near Rosecrans Avenue and the 710 Freeway. 

According to reports, four vehicles were traveling eastbound when they collided. The details of what led up to the crash remain unknown.

6 people were left injured and an infant less than 1-years-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Additionally, two people were taken into custody for driving under the influence. 

As of now, no identities have been released of those injured or arrested. 

One vehicle was overturned as a result of the crash that left four vehicles scattered across the road.

According to NHTSA, more than a quarter (25%) of accident-related deaths are linked to the use of alcohol. With that being said, according to the CDC, there are 30 people that are killed everyday in a car accident as a result of an alcohol-impaired driver. That is equivalent to one death every 50 minutes. 

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