Top 5 Things to Have in Your Car

Car Accident Tips

Many people often watch movies where catastrophes usually occur. The damsel in distress becomes trapped in a cold, barren forest, with little to no food, and a dead cell phone. Much like the movies, people often find themselves running into sudden catastrophes, every day. In order to be above the average percentile of those who are unprepared, take the time and preparation to ensure you and your passengers are well-equipped for anything that may happen.

To better prevent yourself from falling into deeper chaos than necessary, you may want to consider keeping the following items in your vehicle, just in case:

      1.  Jumper Cables

First things first, the essentials. What’s worse than a dead battery? Although the scenario would be terrible to think of, the event actually occurs more than often. Good thing this can easily be fixed with a quick jump. Before diving into the electrical wiring of your car, be sure you know how to properly coordinate the jumper cables to the proper, corresponding parts of your car. (This may require additional research or assistance).

      2. Tire Changing Supplies

Apart from your battery possibly dying, it’s fairly common for one to get a flat tire, as well. More and more people are beginning to keep the necessary spare tire, tire iron, lug wrench, tire jack, WD-40, a tire pressure gauge, and tire sealant in their car. The process of changing a tire requires additional assistance and research as well.

      3. Owner’s Manual

If your car didn’t already come equipped with the complete guideline to your car, it may be beneficial to obtain another one, most are free or can be found online. It’s always good to have your car’s manual with you in case something should ever go wrong with your car. This may help especially when trying to distinguish if your car has low tire pressure, low gas, or if you are trying to identify other digital sensor warning signs.

     4. Cell Phone Charger

Whether it’s adaptable to your car, portable, or solar powered, it’s best to have a phone charger within your vehicle at all times. In case your car doesn’t have an SOS or phone system integrated within the vehicle, it’s important to make sure you have some source of power for your phone should anything happen. Some users typically have a charger that adaptable to their car’s powering system. Otherwise, keep a fully-charged portable charger.

     5. First Aid Kit

In case of an emergency, it’s best to be sure you have a first aid kit in hand. This will help you tend to any injured passengers in your vehicle. When carrying a first aid kit in your car, be sure to add little supplies that may help out in the long run. Supplies include bottled water, band-aids, antiseptic, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, baby wipes, Vaseline, and ibuprofen / pain-relief medicine.

The above-mentioned necessities meet the standard requirement of essentials to have in your car. These few, 5 items play an important role in the care and keeping of yourself, and your passenger’s safety.

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