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  • JT Legal Group: Property Damage Testimonial

    JT Legal Group: Property Damage Testimonial

    Property Damage Testimonial

    Southern California Property Damage Attorneys

    In the following video and attached dialogue, Mr. Agee speaks about his experience with JT Legal Group and reviews the firm's performance.

    JT Legal Group's Property Damage attorneys were able to settle a property damage claim involving Ash, Soot, and Fire damage. If you would like a free consultation on your insurance claim, give us a call at (310) 310-7777

    Full Transcription:

    "My name is Ed Agee I’ve lived here for the last 44 years. previously I’ve had damage to my property based on wind, flood, and other things. I referred to the insurance company and they always told me the same thing, it was an act of god, my fault.

    And I didn’t have any confidence in the insurance company. I know it’s something I have to have. So I pay insurance, I’ve been with All State, since the early 60’s. Never have I got compensated for anything. And I suppose it was a result to my own self. You pay insurance, cause you have to pay insurance, and you get the feeling “what for.”

    So when I got your briefing in the mail, I put it aside and thought, “what the hell, why waste my time?” And eventually I did, I picked it up and I called out of curiosity. Well, you agreed to get somebody out here, and ya did. After not hearing back, I went to the mailbox and wasn’t expecting anything but more bills. Then I saw a letter from JTL, JT Legal Group. Was thinking “what do they want” so I open it, looked inside, and there were checks. Son of a gun! I called my friend, Tina, and tell her “Guess what? They settled it. I don’t think it’s even been a month gone by. And they paid me enough to get what I need done.” And she said “who?” And I said “JT Legal Group.”

    But as I used JTL, within a month I had results. And as a result of that, I referred them to several other people that I’ve known. I think they did a tremendous job, was completely happy with the work, the way they deal with the public, the way they work with people, their investigations. They come out and go thoroughly over it and look at every cranny. They don’t leave one single stone un-turned. I appreciate that."

    - Mr. Agee

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