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  • Attorney Mohammad Maaz's Testimonial for JT

    Attorney Mohammad Maaz's Testimonial for JT

    Attorney Mohammad Maaz, Esq., Talks More About What it's Like to Work with JT Legal Group

    "Hi, my name is Mohammad (and) I'm an attorney here, at JT Legal Group in the Wrongful Foreclosure department. Whenever your home is foreclosed upon, the first thing I do is check the sale date to when the auction is settled. Once I find out the sale date, I'll go in about a week before and stand before a judge for a temporary restraining order. And what the deferred restraining order will do is, it will help halt the sale until we can figure out the situation with your lawsuit. Afterwards, we'll go for a preliminary injunction (and) stand face-to-face with the judge to try and further extend the sale until we can work out an agreement or settlement with the opposing counsel, so we can get you the rights you deserve. My team and I at JT Legal Group have saved hundreds of homes, we're ready to go up against these big banks and save your home.

    Foreclosure Attorney, Mohammad Maaz, Esq.

    At JT Legal Group, our firm handles a wide array of legal matters. Part of these practices includes Wrongful Foreclosure and Foreclosure Defense. Within these areas we serve, it's fortunate we have Mohammad Maaz, Esq., on our Foreclosure team. Here, our attorneys work diligently to defend your rights, as well as help you pursue the next best option when attempting to save your home.

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