Ongoing Problems with Tesla’s Battery 

A Tesla Model S recently caught fire in Los Angeles despite not being involved in a collision prior to the electric vehicle spewing flames from underneath its front wheels.  In the mid-June incident, Hollywood producer and director Michael Morris, who previously directed television hits like Netflix’s “House of Cards” and ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters,” was driving down Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles with his wife when a couple walking down the street flagged him down to inform him that his car was on fire.  Flames were shooting from underneath the car near its front wheels. His wife tweeted a video of the flames coming from beneath the car. Her tweet reportedly also said that “No accident, out of the blue, in traffic on Santa Monica Blvd.”  Firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after the car burst into flames and were able to extinguish the flames without either Morris or his wife suffering any injuries.  Tesla recently released the preliminary results of its own internal investigation into the fire, which were largely inconclusive.  Tesla’s statement provided that “This was an extraordinarily unusual occurrence, and we are continuing to investigate this incident to find out what happened.”  The company also claimed in its statement that its vehicles were 10 times less likely than normal gasoline-powered automobiles to catch fire.

Other Incidents Involving Fires in Tesla Vehicles That Spontaneously Caught Fire

This is just the latest in a troubling series of incidents involving Tesla vehicles seemingly spontaneously bursting into flames with no warning after not even being involved in an accident.  In 2016, another incident involving a Tesla Model S occured when the vehicle caught on fire during a test drive in France without any impact.  The automaker eventually determined that vehicle fire was caused by an electrical connection that was “improperly” tightened by a human instead of a robot.  Another incident in Norway in early 2016 also involved a Tesla vehicle that burned to the ground after catching fire while it was charging. These occurrences, along with a large number of previous instances of Tesla vehicles catching fire after severe impacts, call into question the safety of Tesla’s entire electric vehicle lineup.  A car catching fire after an accident involving a severe impact is not unheard of, but a car spontaneously bursting into flames is particularly worrisome given that the occurrences have occurred without any warning and, thankfully, have not resulted in any fatalities or serious injuries to date. Nevertheless, the next incident could be the fatal one, and this is not a risk Tesla owners should be forced to accept by virtue of owning a defective vehicle.    

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