T-Bone Results In Hearing Loss

$500,000 From T-Bone Accident

Glendale, CA. July 2022: JT Legal Group, a law firm specializing in personal injury successfully secured $500,000 from a t-bone accident.

The collision occurred while our client was traveling down 14th St. in Santa Monica, CA. Our client was passing through the intersection of 14th St. and Wilshire Blvd, on a green light, when the defendant came speeding down Wilshire Blvd, failing to stop at a redlight, and causing a serious t-bone collision to occur. The impact was significant and deployed the airbags in our client’s vehicle.  

The powerful impact shook our client so aggressively, his head was jolted to the side causing immediate pain and confusion. Upon our client being transported to the hospital for examination, medical professionals uncovered that our client had endured a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and permanent hearing loss from the direct impact of the crash. 

Our client had to go through a lengthy recovery due to the severity of his injuries, which resulted in a significant loss of wages. He suffered depression and anxiety due to his constant pain and missing work. Our client underwent multiple facet shots and epidural injections to ease the pain he was in.

Jacklin Boyadjian is full of passion when fighting for her clients. From the moment she steps foot into the office, to the second she leaves, she applies 110% of her energy into obtaining a fair settlement that will compensate her clients for the pain and suffering they went through. 

JT Legal Group’s attorneys recognize that an accident can cause not only physical pain, but emotional as well. A single accident has the ability to impact every aspect of your life. That is why with the brilliant skills of our attorneys, JT Legal Group has been able to recover over $2.2 Billion in compensation for their clients.

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