Semi-Truck Accident Results in the Death of 11-Month Old Liam Cruz

Semi-Truck Accident Results in the Death of 11-Month Old Liam Cruz

San Benito, CA, July 24th: An 11-month-old’s life was tragically taken when a semi-truck rear-ended the back of the car he was traveling in. The plaintiff was en route to Carmel Beach with her 11-month-old baby, his babysitter, and a photographer. They had a photoshoot planned for Liam’s upcoming first birthday. 

The fatal crash occurred in traffic as the plaintiff was heading westbound on SR-156, just west of Pacheco Creek Drive. The defendant, driving a semi-truck, was not paying attention and rear-ended the plaintiff’s Toyota Corolla. The force of the impact led to the plaintiff crashing into the Volvo in front of her. The freightliner compressed the Corolla, which trapped Liam and the other passengers underneath the wreckage for a period of time.

The three individuals in the plaintiff’s vehicle were transported to the hospital to be treated for their injuries, alongside Liam. In the emergency room, the doctors attempted to save Liam’s life for an hour and a half before he was pronounced dead at 3:10 p.m.

A GoFundMe page has been created by May Fung on behalf of the family; it states, It is with extreme sadness that we share the tragic passing of baby Liam Cruz, (Denisse Ramirez’s 11 month baby). Liam was a bright spark in this world and will be deeply missed.” 

Every year about 4,000 people are killed in semi-truck collisions. According to the Department of Transportation, in 2019 67% of fatal collisions involving large trucks were occupants of a passenger car. The braking capability of semi-trucks has also been linked to numerous accident deaths. 

JT Legal Group sends our deepest condolences to the Cruz and Ramirez family. We hope that this act of negligence will not be ignored. 

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