Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

Self-Driving Cars

Back in the day, self-driving cars were seen as something of the future. They were almost like a part of a science fiction story. However, as 2018 emerges, many driver-free cars are becoming a real part of our very near future. With these cars in the works at various locations and companies, the time has come to address the various aspects of self-driving cars, how they pose problems, as well as how accidents should be handled. In this article, we will take a quick look at the potential risks of these futuristic cars, how accidents happen, and who is responsible for them. Here is what you need to know.

The Technology Rise

Technology is always on the rise, and given the newest emerge of these advances, the rise of self-driving cars doesn’t seem to be too far out of reach, at all. In fact, with the ever-growing technological advances elsewhere, car companies are longing to keep up in the race. The way they are doing so is by creating cars that virtually drive themselves. Right now, we already see self-driving cars in a way on the roads. These cars are equipped with technologies like park assists, blind spot monitoring, and even lane assists. These “autopilot” cars are already out, but higher level autonomous cars are expected to be out on the roadways soon enough.

Driver-less Car Accident

While these inventions aren’t fully on the road yet, Google was able to test their prototype of a driver-free car. Their car, unfortunately, was involved in the first injury related accident. The accident happened in California when it was being tested on the roadways. The idea to take control during an emergency failed when the car crashed, resulting in an injury to another driver, though the accident happened as a result of another car behind the Google car. An accident report was not filed since the car was the result of the test. Google’s car was only going 15 mph or under at the time of the crash.

Lawsuits with Driver-less Cars

Dealing with lawsuits that involve these self-driving cars is not always easy. Who is to be responsible, should someone get hurt? This is a good question that seems to be fairly difficult to answer. If no one is driving, who is responsible? There are several liability issues that surround these cars, especially since they are run by technology and software.


Another major safety issue is the sensors. If these sensors do not pick up on dangerous situations, the driver-free car could potentially crash into something like a sign, a bridge, or even a pedestrian. There are also smaller threats that could damage the car, or the passenger in the car. These include things like potholes or animals in the road like deer or dogs. Traffic is another huge threat to the cars. Before these cars can fully take the road, the sensors need major updating to process the data faster than before.

In Conclusion

These driver-less cars have many potential dangers and are not fully equipped to handle the potential dangers that are on the road. Without the driver having control, the software and sensors could pose serious problems. Another issue is the area of lawsuits. If a crash does occur, knowing who is responsible can be more difficult than you might imagine. Overall, if you were the victim of a negligent driver, or a complicated situation, contact our firm immediately.

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