How to Have a Safe 4th of July

July 4th Safety Tips

The July 4th holiday that celebrates our nation’s Independence is amongst us once again. July 4th marks a day that will live in infamy and calls for many celebrations. These celebrations widely range in varieties, often bringing out the patriotism that lives within us all. This holiday also prompts for some important reminders when it comes to safety tips and remaining secure amidst the fun. Below are a few important tips and reminders to keep in mind when celebrating the holiday this year.

Grilling Safety

Nothing screams America like a flat top, open-flamed grill loaded with hot dogs, bratwurst and burgers. While the wafting of tasty scents and the smell of smoked food fill the air, it’s important to keep a short list of safety reminders in your back pocket. When grilling on an open-flamed top, ensure that your guests are kept at a fair distance from the flames. Most states and locations are experiencing the most intense days of summer, causing dry environments or humid air. In addition, it’s important to consistently keep your flame levels within check. You’ll want to relocate your grill to a location that is away from trees, shrubbery, or plants. A strong gust of air can cause these areas to go up in flames, thus an open-air area with limited tree coverage represents the best location for tending to this activity. Keeping smaller children and novice individuals away from the grill is also an important requirement to attend to. If possible, covering the grill will represent an increased amount of security surrounding your holiday cooking. Always remember to dispose of your coals and fire properly. Also remember to apply plenty of flame deterrent and H2O to ensure your fire is put out directly after usage, this is to prevent any unwanted fire damage to your property.

Driving and Travel Safety

During this holiday, the weather is typically filled with warmer temperatures, causing people’s internal time clocks to tick. With vacation in effect for many, allow for plenty of travel time to reach your destination. Whether its leaving a few hours early or avoiding the nation’s largest highway systems for a slightly longer trip, these two instances can be major preventions of road rage incidents or potential accident risks. Always travel sober or have another sober individual help drive you to your location. In addition, individuals may subject to using a rideshare, public transportation, or even by resting until they are sober enough to take themselves home safely. Always travel with a back-up plan or additional resources of support. The holiday represents a busy travel schedule, so allotting additional focus to extra resources can present safer alternatives to travel this 4th of July holiday. These same conditions apply to water safety and only getting in a boat with a sober, licensed boat pilot.

Firework Safety

Everyone loves looking up at the night sky to see fireworks erupting in the midst. If you are an operator of fireworks this holiday season, take these important tips to heart. When lighting a firework, ensure that you have a safe area of coverage to caravan to. Setting up a small fortress of wooden pallets, or any heavier material that resembles a wall, is a great starting point. Most fireworks list the directions of use clearly on the package, but some come with a short time fuse. Operators should be well versed in the details of the proceedings of said fireworks before lighting. Most firework retailers will have detailed depictions and operation requirements listed clearly on their web sites or packaging. Do your research prior to attempting to light these fireworks, as this can make a major difference in a successful show or a disaster. In addition, always keep a safe distance between the wick and flame. Extending your range of motion and reach is a major help to ensuring you don’t encounter any injuries when lighting. Lastly, always keep your fireworks show a safe distance from on-lookers. 500 feet marks for the safest low-end distance, so any additional range in distance will ensure a show that is safe for viewers and operators alike. When storing your fireworks prior to a show, always keep them in a dry, cooler environment.

Safety at the Beach

Beaches represent a target area for celebration as this often-hot holiday draws people closer to the water. These popular and sandy areas mark for a hot spot for all celebration activities to occur, prompting for additional safety tips. When playing in the water, always ensure there is a monitor for the children. Keeping young swimmers close and in shallow waters can help prevent from any accidents. In addition, refrain from entering water if you’ve had one too many drinks. Keep your party on dry land if you are planning on consuming adult beverages. Our nervous systems and bodily functions become heavily impaired when consuming alcohol, preventing even the strongest of swimmers from operating effectively in the water.

Having a Safe Independence Day

While all of these tips present an opportunity to keep your holiday safe and secure, it’s important to exercise fun, as well. The increase in bodies at your local hot spot can be overwhelming during these times, but most have the same thought running through their heads: do whatever it takes to find relaxation. Exercising these tips keeps the holiday safe and fun for all.

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