Collision Claimed The Life Of 35-year-old Ryan Lankford in Indio. 

The crash occurred on September 4th on Avenue 42, according to reports. 

While it is uncertain what time the crash happened exactly, another driver discovered the wreck around 6 a.m. 

Lankford’s vehicle reportedly hit a power pole which killed him at the scene. 

In addition, Lankford was the only one inside the vehicle. 

Anybody with additional information is advised to contact the Riverside County Police Department.

Studies show that about 20% of motor vehicle fatalities are caused by a vehicle veering off the roadway and hitting a fixed object. Among these fixed objects, trees, traffic barriers, and utility poles are most common. Approximately half of these types of accidents occur at night time. Another interesting fact is that in 2019, studies found that a majority of these deaths took place from July to September. 

In 2020, studies showed that the state of California reported 3,723 motor-vehicle deaths which was an increase from 2019. 

In the U.S. one’s odds of dying in a car accident is around 1 in 107. 

Always make sure to wear a seatbelt, obey traffic laws, and avoid distractions while driving. 

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