$330,000 Secured From a Rideshare Vehicle Accident

Los Angeles, CA. October 2022: JT Legal Group, a law corporation specializing in personal injury successfully secures $330,000 from a collision involving a rideshare vehicle.

The collision occurred in July 2021, where JT Legal Group’s client was being transported in a rideshare vehicle. The rideshare vehicle driver was traveling down the 110 freeway with the client in the backseat. As traffic came to a stop, the defendant traveling behind the rideshare vehicle failed to press his brakes in time and violently rear-ended our client’s vehicle.

The impact of the collision forced the client’s head to be jolted forward, which immediately led to stiffness in her neck. The pain continued to shoot down her back, spine and eventually resulted in severe headaches. Weeks after the incident, she suffered severe migraines and PTSD. There were a countless number of sleepless nights due to her inability to silence her mind. 

JT Legal Group’s client underwent a Lumbar Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty to help ease the constant pain she was in. 

There are around 1.7 million rear-end collisions that take place in the United States each year. Out of these 2 million accidents, about 1,700 people die and another 500,000 are injured in the crashes. JT Legal Group’s client was fortunate enough to walk away with the injuries she did.

JT Legal Group has extensive experience representing clients who have been affected by motor vehicle collisions. The wide array of medical professionals they work with has allowed them to provide a full service in house for their clients to get back on their feet.

JT Legal Group has been successful in helping secure over $2.2 billion in compensation for their clients. They have been awarded many recognition awards such as, SuperLawyers, Litigator Of The Year, Best Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles, and had 23 of their top settlements featured on Top 100 Personal Injury Settlements in California.

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