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  • Record-Breaking Heat Wave in Southern California

    Aug 29, 2017
    Heat Wave, Southern California Heat Wave, Heat Wave in Southern California, Heat Wave in Los Angeles
    Record-Breaking Heat Wave in Southern California
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    This past Monday, August 28th, 2017, the National Weather Service issued a warning to all Southern California residents. The warning claims a “dangerous heat wave with elevated fire danger” to occur throughout the entirety of this week. With valleys reaching 100-111 degrees, and coastal regions to reach anywhere from 85 to 103 degrees. The excessive heat warning shows a purple excessive heat warning throughout Southern California – from Orange County, all the way up to Paso Robles.

    Setting the Record

    Record books are already being revised in regions like Lancaster and Palmdale. The last highest record held for increased temperatures was back in 2011. This year, Southern California breaks its late August record with heat temperatures increasing nearly 1-8 degrees more, in comparison to 2011’s record highs.

    Source from the National Weather Service. Click for original source.

    Coolidge Weather

    Fresno will reach forecasting highs of 108, and 109 in Bakersfield. August temperatures have not reached that high in Fresno since Calvin Coolidge was president. Fresno has not reached this high since August of 1888 and 1924. Bakersfield, on the other hand, last reached these highs back in August 28th of 1944 and earlier, in 1924.

    Fire Warnings

    The increase in hot and dry weather conditions will elevate the fire danger all throughout Southern California. The National Weather Service reported this warning to be in effect through Friday night. Additionally, the agency further reported that some “weak sundowner wind conditions will add to the fire danger for the Santa Ynez Mountains in Santa Barbara County through Wednesday.”

    Temporary Exercise Postponement

    Meanwhile, school districts in these high-risk areas have postponed all outdoor and indoor athletic activities due to the extreme heat. Districts like the Kern High School District, have implicated this delay earlier this Monday, when heat levels began to rise.

    Staying Cool

    Cooling centers throughout Los Angeles will be open from noon to 11 pm, inviting those to cool down during this excessive heat wave. Parents and other drivers should remember to never leave children, pets, or anyone in a sealed car during this heat. Proper ventilation is key when trying to keep cool this week.

    Taking Precaution

    For more information on the heat’s current conditions, tune into the National Weather Service for up to date reports. If you, or a loved one, has suffered property damage due to fires or excessive heat, we can help. For more information, contact our trusted fire damage attorneys here at JT Legal Group.


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