JT Legal Group Announces Promotion of Liza Cabrera

Glendale, CA. March 2022: JT Legal Group announces promotion of Liza Cabrera from Client Relations Manager to Director of Client Relations.

Mrs. Cabrera has been employed at JT Legal Group since 2015 where she started her journey at the firm as a Legal Assistant. Liza has had the opportunity to take on numerous positions, learning each department’s essential elements such as Office Manager Assistant, Quality Assurance Specialist, Client Relations Manager and a helping hand to the Marketing Department. 

Being a part of JT Legal Group’s initial establishment, Liza has grown with the company and helped them reach their milestones. She has spent countless hours volunteering on behalf of the firm to get their name out there. Liza is an upbeat, empathetic, assertive and an overall kind individual. She is accountable, responsible, self-motivated, confident and extremely people-oriented. Liza has all the best traits a leader can have which has led to her success within the company.

Mrs. Cabrera’s innovative skills has also allowed her to assist with the inauguration of JT Legal Group’s Sister Company, “Luchadores Legales.” Liza worked side by side with the marketing department to organize and host the grand opening of Luchadores Legales in Huntington Park, CA-which was an immense accomplishment for her.

Liza has always focused on the needs and wants of our clients, which has allowed her to accomplish the goals of our firm. In recognition of working late hours, volunteering on weekends, and hosting organizations, Liza’s civic mind led her to achieve awards from The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce. JT Legal Group is happy to announce Liza Cabrera as our Client Relations Director. 

Jack Ter-Saakyan, Founding Partner, is ambitious in making JT Legal Group the primary Personal Injury Law Firm in California and Nevada. The firm has grown tremendously through the pandemic and has set a mission to open an office in every major city of Southern California. 

With offices in Glendale, Beverly Hills, Huntington Park, Oceanside, Downey, and Las Vegas, JT Legal Group offers premier personal injury representation to its clients. Michael currently has four additional office locations in the works for 2022 which will be accomplished through the help of our dedicated employees. 

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