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    After a person passes away, probate initiates the process of distributing the deceased's assets according to the wishes laid out in their will. However, often times due to various circumstances, a will must be contested -- or even more challenging, a person dies intestate (without a will).

    In the latter two scenarios, the distribution of assets must be arranged and determined through the process of probate court. As anyone who has experienced this process can tell you, it is an incredibly complex and challenging process that absolutely must be overseen by an experienced, meticulous probate attorney.


    Probate is essentially a legal process that seeks to fairly consolidate and distribute the assets of a person after they die. This process involves a special court (probate court), and involves a great deal of very specific paperwork and court appearances. When a person dies without a will (intestacy), the probate process must determine an administrator to oversee what the beneficiaries receive.
    The probate process is a notoriously detailed -- and often slow -- legal process that essentially executes a flawless and thorough accounting and distribution of a deceased person's assets. However, utilizing the services of an excellent probate attorney can not only speed up the time to final distribution, but also save substantial amounts of money by avoiding unnecessary fees and taxes.
    While you are not legally required to have a probate attorney represent you, the vast majority of people choose to retain a lawyer. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which being that if you are not a lawyer, you should not attempt to carry out one of the most detail-oriented and daunting legal tasks in the entire court system (probating an estate). If you are appointed as the executor of an estate, you have a binding legal duty to the court to carry out certain tasks correctly and on time. If you miss a deadline or fail to submit a certain form, for instance, the court will not have leniency just because you are attempting to probate the estate yourself. The court does not hold your hand and provide instructions about what to do next: this is considered the responsibility of the executor (or, ideally, their attorney).

    What Can I Expect from Probate Court?

    Make no mistake about it, probate court has a reputation for being one of the most difficult legal processes in our entire system. This is because probate necessarily requires a total auditing of an individual's estate, conducted in a manner that is essentially flawless and legally binding. This process can take weeks, months, or years to complete, depending on the complexity of the deceased's estate.

    Attempting to navigate probate court without the guidance of a probate attorney can be financially disastrous. There are tax implications, binding legal requirements, and other considerations that must be performed to the letter of the law -- or else, penalties can be handed down. Particularly if you are the executor of an estate, you have very serious legal requirements to carry out your duties in the manner that the court demands. It is far better to entrust this responsibility to a competent attorney than to attempt to educate yourself on probate law as you are going through the process (not to mention grieving the loss of a loved one).

    Questions on probate attorney fees? See more information on fees here.

    Why JT Legal Group?

    Simply put, probate law is one of the cornerstones of JT Legal Group's practice. Unlike other firms who attempt to be a "one stop shop" for all areas of law, JT Legal Group really only focuses on one thing: real estate law. This means that our attorneys have the specific experience, knowledge, and focus to deliver the best possible result at the conclusion of your case.

    We are particularly proud of our emphasis on client communication and satisfaction. At JT Legal Group, we believe that keeping you frequently and thoroughly apprised about the status of your legal matter empowers you to be able to make confident, informed decisions that you will be satisfied with.

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    Probate cases are some of the most complex and challenging legal matters that an individual is likely to face in their lifetime. You need to trust that you have an expert probate attorney in your corner aggressively fighting for your best interests. At JT Legal Group, probate law is one of our central focuses.