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    Probate Process with JT Legal Group

    If you’re in need of meticulous and professional probate law firm services in the Los Angeles, California area, JT Legal Group is an experienced choice that you can trust. It’s important to note that if you’ve been named a probate administrator or executor, you are tasked by the state with very real, important responsibilities that can leave you personally liable if you don’t do what is required of you. Our skilled probate administration lawyers are experienced at helping individuals complete their duties as probate administrator without making any errors. In fact, we can assist with all matters that pertain to the administration of a will.

    Probate is almost always an extremely difficult time due to a complicated legal matter being tangled up with the loss of a loved one. In these difficult times, we are at your service to make the process as smooth as possible. Since the probate process can rightfully seem complicated and overwhelming, it’s absolutely vital to work with a lawyer who is seasoned and knowledgeable in this area of law. When you’re in need of dependable and honest counsel that can guide you through probate and administration, JT Legal Group will provide the kind of client-focused care that creates lifelong relationships. Instead of feeling alone and being overwhelmed by your probate administration duties, retaining JT Legal Group will provide you with both convenience and peace of mind from knowing the probate is being handled properly.

    Obstacles can and do arise during the probate process. The ability to deftly and skillfully deal with problems as they arise often can directly translate into money saved from unnecessary fees, taxes, or other costs.

    Some of the problems that typically arise during probate might include:

    • the validity of the will (if it exists) being called into question
    • caretakers of minors that have not specifically been named
    • problems with asset allocation and difficulties that involve heirs
    • confusion regarding creditors
    • …and much more

    Our legal team is not only experienced and knowledgeable — they make approachable, friendly, and client-focused care a priority of their practice. We find that our clients especially appreciate this approach during the emotionally taxing probate experience.

    Example of How We Represent Clients

    If an individual passes away without having officially written out a will (intestate), the probate courts can dictate your asset distribution matters and they may mandate exactly how (and in what order) to make payments to any creditors that may have claims against the estate. Working with a probate administration attorney will help you stay organized throughout the process, keep you informed of where you stand, consult with you on the law, and ultimately fight for your rights as a beneficiary and administrator, if applicable.

    Why JT Legal Group?

    JT Legal Group is a well-respected and deeply experienced law firm in the California legal community. We can assist you in correctly taking care of probate matters every single step of the way, no matter what. Our attorneys will meticulously assess your specific case and figure out the optimal legal approach for you. We will do whatever is necessary to see to it that we help defend all of your rights and retain the maximum estate value at the end of the process, while respecting the wishes and legacy of the decedent.

    If you are involved in an estate that needs to be probated, you should call an attorney as soon as possible to determine exactly what your responsibilities are -- especially if you are named the executor or administrator. At JT Legal Group, we provide an initial 15 minute consultation with an attorney absolutely free, so that you can begin the difficult probate process on the right foot.

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    Michael Avanesian primarily focuses in the field of corporate restructuring and litigation. Mr. Avanesian has a wide range of experience in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and has represented corporate and individual debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, lessors, lessees, trustees and other interested parties in bankruptcy cases and related litigation.

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