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  • Prescription Drug Lawsuits

    Defending Victims of Pharmaceutical Nightmares

    For many, consuming medicine is part of a daily routine. Doctors typically prescribe dosages of different medications, all in hopes of minimizing or abolishing the patient's current sickness. Unfortunately, a number of these drugs sometimes end up causing more harm than good. A few conditions where these harmful drugs are being used to treat such ill patients, are the following:

      • Diabetes
      • Gastropheal Reflux Disease (gas-suppressing)
      • Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Autism
      • Strokes
      • Deep Vein Thrombosis, and more.

      Pursuing Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuits with JT Legal Group

      While there are many medicines out there that do help people, patient's should first consider speaking to their personal health doctor before discontinuing any normal medicine-consuming habits. Everyone's body is different, and therefore adheres to different effects. The following, however, are the prescription drugs/products to watch out for -- and that we can happily assist victims in pursuing legal action with:

      Do any of the above drugs sound familiar? Have any of the above-mentioned drugs hurt you, or someone you love? In the event that you, or a loved one, is harmed by these destructive drugs, take action immediately. Not only is this endangering the longevity of the patient's life, but others as well. These pharmaceutical monsters often lack proper labeling or display of the risks the drug imposes. When this happens, contact the legal team at JT Legal Group. Unlike these monsters, our firm is here to help.

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      Michael Avanesian primarily focuses within the field of corporate restructuring and litigation. Mr. Avanesian has a wide range of experience in product liability and prescription drug lawsuits and has represented corporately.


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