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    Many homeowners often think there is a “typical” way to go about their foreclosure problem. However, many of these homeowners might come to find themselves at a state of disappointment when they learn that there is no true, “typical” way to halt a foreclosure. When this happens, homeowners often fall short to their responsibilities and often look for faster, non-official ways to go about their foreclosure process. To avoid schemes, scams, or any trickery, contact a trusted wrongful foreclosure attorney for assistance.

    Unscrupulous lending practices should have consequences. Our attorneys have a proven track record of making lenders who act in bad faith, face their consequences. Contact JT Legal Group immediately for a totally free 15 minute consultation with a qualified wrongful foreclosure attorney.

    Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation

    To escalate your matter, our wrongful foreclosure law firm may help you pursue litigation against your lender/servicer. When it comes to litigation revolving around wrongful foreclosure in California, JT Legal Group leads the pack. Our boutique-sized firm only focuses on real estate litigation, which means that if you need a wrongful foreclosure lawyer in Los Angeles County, you won’t find a firm with a stronger focus on that area of law than us. Our Glendale based team of wrongful foreclosure attorneys are ready to hear the specific details of your unique case and advise you on your options to seek damages after foreclosure.


    If you believe you have a wrongful foreclosure complaint, it’s critical that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible to determine what your options are. In light of the deadlines, statute of limitations, as well as other restrictions around filing a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit, time is of the essence.

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    Attorney, Jack Tersaakyan

    Jack Tersaakyan

    Jack Ter-Saakyan has been a member of the California State Bar since 2009. Mr. Ter-Saakyan strives to provide each client with an informed understanding of the client’s legal rights, obligations, and options. Mr. Ter-Saakyan zealously advocates on behalf of his clients during all stages of his client’s cases.


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