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Van accidents are all too common. You need the right legal help!

Inexperienced drivers, poor maintenance and other factors make vans dangerous actors on California’s roads. If you suffered an injury in a van accident, get immediate assistance from the premier auto accident attorneys in the Los Angeles area. We’ll fight for you relentlessly and aggressively, no matter the type of van accident that harmed you.

Multi-passenger van accidents

Transporting passengers not belted in, and often driven by inexperienced drivers (as opposed to professional bus drivers) 15-passenger vans can be very dangerous for passengers, pedestrians and other drivers.

Transport van road accidents

At times encumbered with weight greater than specified by the manufacturer, and often driven by inexperienced drivers, commercial vans are a common source of accidents.

Hit and run van accidents

We’ve had several cases of pedestrians run over by a van driver in a rush, who then escaped afraid of losing his or her job in addition to facing damages claims and other legal repercussions.

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Under California law, strict statute of limitations impose a narrow time frame for bus accident victims to file a claim. Being late to do so can make it impossible to get compensation, or result in a very low amount.

You need the best legal team and injury laywers for your van accident injury

Immediate legal representation will get you the maximum compensation for the injuries you suffered as a passenger, pedestrian, or driver in a van accident in California.

1. Van drivers can be inexperienced and quite reckless, and sometimes the vans themselves don’t follow the safety requirements specified by the manufacturer and the law. This results in high accident rates and injuries all over California.

2. Since most vans are owned by transport or commercial companies, you can expect them to have lawyers and insurance agents ready to contest your right to monetary compensation for your injury. That’s why it’s important to hire a California personal injury lawyer for your van accident as soon as possible.

If you’ve been injured in a van road accident, the experienced Los Angeles auto accident attorneys at JT Legal Group help you get what’s yours!

If you’ve been injured in a van road accident, the experienced Los Angeles auto accident attorneys at JT Legal Group help you get what’s yours! We Won 95 percent of our cases!

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How we help with van accident injury

Our experienced auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles will work tirelessly to protect your rights and secure highest compensation for your van accident injury.

As a California law firm highly specialized in auto accidents, we have the expertise and resources to research your van accident, hire the best medical experts and accident analyst in California, and pinpoint relevant case laws that’ll maximize your compensation.

  • 01 Gather all Evidence
  • 02 Speak accident witnesses
  • 03 Obtain Reports from police,
    accident, and medical experts.
  • 04 Collect your medical records
    and bills
  • 05 Meet with insurance and bus
    company officials
  • 06 Dig out obscure laws and past
    sentences that’ll help you win

What compensation can you get in California for your van injury

Medical expenses are only the tip of the iceberg. An experienced, aggressive injury attorney will get you much higher damages monetary compensation under the state of California’s law. Remember: you only pay us when we WIN your case, so rest easy we’ll fight to get you every possible dollar in damages.

All medical bills, from doctor visits and medications to hospital stays, surgery and recovery aids

Property loss or damage resulting from your van accident

Lost wages due to your inability to work after the accident

Loss of future earnings due to lost time or permanent impairment of your abilities

Permanent disability or disfigurement due to your VAN accident injury

Costs associated with cancelled trips or altered plans

Loss of financial contribution

Emotional distress

Loss of companionship and consortium

Loss of life’s pleasures

Damages to a loved one

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