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    Business owners often insure their properties against tremendous commercial property damage. This is because any disruption to the building may severely impact the business and its' customers, as well. Examples of these damages include earthquakes, fires, floods, burglaries, etc. As a business owner in Los Angeles who has suffered from an insured risk, you'll want to consult with a trusted Los Angeles Commercial Damage Attorney before making any big moves. When filing for a large amount of damage, or for a large amount of recovery, it's essential to have a trusted legal representative advise you on how much your claim is actually worth.

    How Can Commercial Property Damage Attorneys Actually Help Me?

    Business owners often resort to the assistance of the Los Angeles Commercial Property Damage Attorneys, as they don't want to take the risk of making any error for such a large claim. Our team of successful legal professionals are well versed in the law surrounding commercial property insurance, and will help you go about the claims process properly. Resorting to insurance companies alone, may not be the best way to go, since insurers are known for belittling their insureds (especially during this time of need). There is a high possibility that the insurance company might try to undercut you and deny you the fair compensation that you deserve. Having a lawyer who has prior experience in dealing with insurance companies will assure you of a favorable outcome. Not only can our attorneys help file your claim, but also send our own adjusters to help evaluate the true extent of damage to your property. This is so we can help advise you as to what your claim may actually be worth. Our team of legal professionals will properly negotiate and defend your best interests with your property's insurance company.

    What Does a Commercial Property Policy Cover?

    When you invest in a commercial property insurance policy for your business, you would normally expect the policy to cover any, or a combination of the following:

    • Property Damage
    This includes damage to buildings, machines, fixtures, inventory, and other raw materials.
    • Business Interruption
    This factor is to place the business owner in the premises he or she should have been -- had the damaging event not occurred.
    • Extra Expense
    This is the cost incurred in preventing further business loss or the additional cost that a business incurs in continuing with its operations in the wake of a catastrophe.
    • Ordinarily Payroll Coverage
    This ensures that hourly employees are paid for a period of time when the business is closed following a risk event.


    Commercial building insurance companies are notorious for delaying the processing of these well-deserved claims. When this happens, a business owner might be left feeling helpless and distraught. If you are ever in such a situation, you can count on a commercial damage lawyer to speed up the process by:

      1. Careful Preparation - Most claims are delayed since the claimant may lack some key documentation or is not organized enough to get the process going. A knowledgeable attorney will ensure that all your documentations are properly prepared so you may rest assured you can move ahead confidently.
      2. A Smooth Process - A great commercial property damage attorney can supply years of experience he or she has when dealing with insurance companies. Many business building policyholders often receive better results when working with an attorney on their claim, versus making the claim on their own.
      3. Assuring Your Rights Are Protected - Although most insurance companies often appear as "helpful" service providers, it's best to keep your guard up. Always remember that insurers are out to protect their bottom lines, rather than sustain the needs of those policyholders in need.

    If your business property is in need of recovery, contact our trusted Los Angeles Commercial Property Damage Attorneys. Don't Settle for Less.

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